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Sunday, February 27, 2011

View from the Pressbox - Disheartening loss in front of 10,000-plus


I have been covering these Aeros for a long time, but rarely could you "feel" the disappointment as much as tonight. The whole place was literally waiting to explode, but you have to tip your hat to Toivonen for holding his ground and keeping all of those chances out of the net in the closing minutes.

The Aeros wasted a big chance to get back into first place. They'll still have that chance this week with at least three games they should win. The Aeros are better than the IceHogs, Syracuse Crunch and the Abbotsford Heat, and they'll play them all next week, along with a Saturday jaunt over to Cedar Park.

The crowd was great, the effort was definitely there right to the end, but if you have to point your finger anywhere, it was the first goal of the game. Matt Hackett was lazy covering up the puck, allowing Potulny to strip the puck and feed it to a wide-open Taffe. That swung all the momentum over to the last-place visitors.

I know, I know, I am nit-picking. So while I am at it, Kris Fredheim didn't look very good on the third-period goal that ended up as the game winner for the 'Hogs.

There were a lot of bad moments, but a few good ones, too. Wellman scoring for the third straight game, and when was the last time the Aeros scored a three-on-five shorty? That was impressive, Colton Gillies. You deserve that entire pizza you got after the game. (Yeah, I am jealous. I was really hungry at the time.)

Here is an updated look at the standings. Aeros still in second, but they only have 17 games left. They better start another stretch where they win four of five or five of six. Click on the image for a closer view.


Forecheck said...

Well, now that I have calmed down a little....

I suspect the guys got a little full of themselves after the come from behind win Friday and the blow out on Saturday. It took a bottom feeder to snap them out of that.

Apart from the PPG, I sensed no real urgency in their game for the first 53 minutes.

What I did see from them was a lot of needless fancy stuff, especially from the top line. Too bad the Aeros' passing was back to like it was in October and November. That is, passes primarily went to either nobody or the guys in red sweaters.

Yes, Matt was sloppy at times, but so were a lot of other people.

5:00 boarding on Sal? Give me a freaking break.

I'm glad not to have Yeo's job. Coaching a group of 20 year-old athletes would leave me pulling my hair out. Perhaps Yeo shaves his head as a pre-emptive measure?

(Speaking of ushers as we did a few threads ago, what was it with the almost constant stream of people going down the aisles of our section almost the entire first period? Very frustrating!!)

Anonymous said...

It was a difficult loss, some mental mistakes, but they didn't give up!
I think part of the problem moving forward is getting that second line going. Lots of effort from that line, but Earl hasn't scored a goal since January 28th. I believe Rau and Daoust have 1 each in Feb. Perhaps if Cody gets back in the lineup you can balance the lines for some more scoring.

B2Bomber said...

I wasn't too disappointed in this loss being the last game of a 3 in 3 and the travel involved. I thought the boys outplayed the Hogs in every aspect except the score. Hackett should have froze the puck rather than trying to play it on that first GA. Other than that I thought the guys just got some bad breaks espcially the boarding call against DiSalvatore (5 min major?) and the elbowing call on O'Sullivan. There were a lot of shots that were very close to going in. Let's see what with happen Wednesday. I hope we can see the new boys in town play, Penner and Lehtonen. I think this is a good trade for both clubs.

B2Bomber said...

Ooh, Lehtonen is in Sweden.....well, as Russo posted maybe that will entice him to come back next season