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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scandella reassigned, photos from last night

So, as you might have cleverly guessed from the subject, Marco Scandella has been cleared by the docs to return to game action. He was hit in the ear/side of head with a puck a while back in Minny, and it rung his bell a bit.

Now that Zidlicky is healthy and Spurgeon has, for all intents and purposes, cemented a spot up there, Scandella's the odd man out. But with Cuma out, the timing is fantastic and I'm sure the team is grateful to get a guy with his talent back on the blue line. Um, sorry #4.

Pictures from last night's 5-3 win over Rockford, courtesy of Chris "Baby Got Back" Jerina.

The face of hockey right there, folks. The dentist who fixes this when his playing days are over will be able to buy a new boat on the AHL's dime.
Peters screening the goalie but Toivonen's got his eye on it.
Never realized how annoying Peters is to goalies. It's a dangerous proposition from the back and the front, if you notice where that puck is headed....
Bang. Hackett gets his stick on it. Cool shot.
Kinda love this little cat and mouse game goalies and skaters play around the net.
Rau's reaction to his goal. Neat shot with the ref signaling in there.
Check out the rest of the photos, particularly on page 4, where you can see a series showing Ortmeyer battling for that empty net goal. Cool stuff. Thanks again, Chris!

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Forecheck said...

Well, nothing should surprise right now - it's silly week in the NHL. Just look at the boneheaded move the Dallas Stars just pulled.

At least Mike Fisher got to move closer to his girlfriend.