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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

View from the Pressbox - Admirals 5, Aeros 4

Don't worry, folks, the blown two-goal lead tracker was updated late in the third period when the team officially gave up. Tonight's game was a perfect case in point as to why the Milwaukee Admirals are the best team in the West division.

It was a weird game from the get-go, and the Admirals showed poise even after Patrick O'Sullivan scored a pretty breakaway goal in the third period, followed by a scrappy goal by Warren Peters. Milwaukee tied the game less than a minute later, and I don't even think the Aeros had five shots after that.

Several players stood out to me with poor games tonight, but Anton wasn't one of them. He wasn't great or good, just incredibly unlucky as three of Milwaukee's goals went off of Aeros players. I think the only real poor goal was the game-winner as he lost sight of a rebound.

Anton fell to 1-6-1-1 all time against the Admirals, and this was the first time he ever received four goals in his favor. Bad things just happen when he plays against this team in the regular season, and tonight was just another example of that.

The team is a lot more fun to cover when they win, so I sure hope this three losses in four games is just a fluke. Mike Yeo held the players for more than 20 minutes after this game and politely declined to give specifics on what was said.

I guess we'll see if any of it hits home Friday against Texas.

Here is an updated look at the down the stretch standings for the rest of the regular season. Please click on the image for better look.


Forecheck said...

Well, what happened to all those great starts? Not tonight. There was no fire in the belly of any of the skaters in the first period. Not much cranial engagement with the game by the starting goalie either until it was already 2-0 (the second goal was pretty bad too – just straight in). I thought he was flirting with disaster the whole first period. Not to mention continually looking behind him.

They played better in the second, possibly after Yeosy gave them a piece of his mind in the room. But like we’ve seen way too many times this season, when they got a two goal lead, they quit playing – thus trashing a superb effort to score four in a row. I thought Yeo had finally succeeded last month drilling into their skulls that a hockey game was 60 minutes long. Apparently either I was wrong or the guys left the knowledge on the wet bar at the house by mistake this morning.

But basically this team got what they deserved.

OK, guys – three home losses in a row. This is getting kind of, ah OLD.

Ever wonder how this team would be without Sully? Well tonight, three goals poorer.

I understand the locker room door was closed a long time tonight after the game. Gee, I wonder why?

Unsportsmanlike said...

The second goal was ugly. Khudobin had his glove up and looked like he was expecting the puck to fly right in. I saw his head turn to track the puck as it flew past his shoulder into the net, but his glove never moved. I'd love to hear I just had a bad viewing angle for that one, but really, it hurt to watch.

ICEVET said...

Thanks again for making your "down-the-stretch standings", periodically available to Blog followers.

This is a very meaningful improvement over my prior (Ref: comment to Ms C's 2/19 Post) attempt to highlight remaining home-ice and head-to-head games of the West Division leaders.

Go Aeros!