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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aeros Choke Away First Place

Here's my story in the mothership on last night's ugly, ugly loss to Milwaukee. There's a few quotes from Yeo in this story -- was just too busy and tired to include in last night's post. Even when the team was up 4-2 and seemingly cruising early in the third did Yeo think his team was in control of its destiny for the game.

And as I said last night, I've never waited so long for the Aeros locker room doors to open up -- not even Constantine kept them locked up this long after bad losses. We asked Yeo to give us a bit of an idea regarding what he said to the team, and he politely refused to talk about it beyond saying that they've got to bounce back and get back to the team they were.

So there you are. Comment away, but comment away over there if you wouldn't mind.


Backchecker said...

The Aeros weren't IN first place coming into the game. So they didn't choke away first place. Your headlines are a bit overdramatic.

John Royal said...

They were tied for first place going into the game. Thus they're in first place. If they hold onto the lead, they're all alone in first place.

So tell me, what did I get wrong?