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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Playoff Picture Update

Let the scoreboard watching begin.

Last year, this is about the time when the toilet began to flush for the Aeros. They had a very favorable home schedule in December, and that is about the time when Anton began his eight-week stretch of being unable to steal a crucial win.

By late Feb, early March, Constantine was still saying the team needed to put together a stretch of seven wins in eight games or better to get back in it. That never happened, and the team never did win four in a row at any point.

Wednesday night, there were three games of significance. Milwaukee, the best team in the West, crushed OKC on the road. Peoria stomped all over Texas, and the Wolves squeaked out a win against the IceHogs, who have officially given up on their season. Rockford will be playing spoiler from here on out. They have 15 games remaining against the Top 7; Texas only gets to see them once, everyone else gets at least two cracks at them.

The Rivermen leap-frogged the Aeros for second place, and OKC just looked dead against an Admirals team playing its fifth game in six days. I think they are going to fade down the stretch, leaving a Top 6 vying for the five playoff spots. (NOTE - the North is getting better! The West may beat up on itself just enough to allow four teams in the that division to squeak in. We'll keep an eye on that for you, too.)

All 7 teams play games Friday and Saturday, so there is sure to be a ton of movement this weekend.

The updated graph is below. Please click on the image for a better view:


CenterIce said...

"... this is about the time when the toilet began to flush for the Aeros."
Ah, such poetry in your prose, Andrew! ;)

The thing I was expecting to see is a prediction, though! Too early for any of the famous Ferraro predictions?

Ms. Conduct said...

Don't encourage him. :)

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Thank you CenterIce, I hope you were serious about the compliment. Ha ... No sense in putting gloss on last year's Piggy.

As for tonight, the prediction is easy. The tough stretch continues with just their second loss of the season to the Stars.

No Ortmeyer, no Peters, No Almond and the defense, PP and PK is an absolute mess right now.

Yeo said the team had a "Very good" practice Thursday, but I just get the sense that there are too many guys in the locker worrying about things that are beyond their control. Couple that with the loss of some VERY key personnel, and it won't be pretty.

Someone affiliated with the "Oh, it's just Texas" when I asked them what they thought about the game tonight.

I said, "exactly," but for a completely different reason. So there it it, your worthless prediction for Friday.