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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pics from 1/18 Milwaukee game

Okay, a fresh day and a good 12 hours since I was yelling obscenities at my laptop screen... maybe I can say a few things.

One thing Chris Jerina, who shot the game for us, pointed out to me was that Buck was in for Daoust last night. I haven't checked with the team to see if this was a healthy scratch or not, but I'm going to assume it was, since he played the night before. (Artandhockey says Joe might have said he was injured last night...)

Even though this personnel shift didn't have an effect on the scoreboard, I believe it was overdue. JM was good enough last season to earn a 2-way NHL deal, but for whatever reason, is not the same player this year. I'm always hesitant to unload both barrels when I see this happen because maybe there's an injury or something going on.

But what I see is Robbie Earl setting him up time and again and Daoust just not doing anything with it. I see him throw a few hits a game, usually after plays like this, and I feel like they're just to make it look good. I dunno. JM's such a nice guy, I don't wanna be a dick, but he was thisclose to a "Dear JM" letter from me. I'll put it in my back pocket for now, but I hope we start to see Earl's hard work rewarded by his linemates sooner than later. It would make tremendous difference to convert on some of those opportunities.

/difficult talk

Anyway, here's pics from the game, courtesy of Chris "I Got Your Credential Right Here" Jerina. Thanks as always for the great stuff, Chris!

Wee! Love a good snow shower. 
Noreau throwing a pretty hip check (channeling Cuma?), but unfortunately got a penalty for it. Second time this season I've seen AHL refs call a penalty on a clean hip check. Maybe it's a dying art because guys are tired of going to the box for it.
Love this. Shows how damned hard it is to be a goalie in the AHL, but also I admire Smith's restraint for not just nutting Almond right there. So effective, but so verboten.
Earl's shootout goal. You can see the puck in the upper glove side corner of the net. Also, Smitty... nice and bendy. Rawr.
The shootout shot that made steam come out of my ears. Straight up the middle, knew right where it was coming. Can of corn for Smith. And it wasn't the only shot like this from the Aeros.
Oh look! 

Scouting note on Smith: He's just teasing you with that 5-hole. Get him moving.

Couple of glamour shots because I like those:

McMillan warming up. Cool perspective.
Your mother and I wish you'd wear more neck protection. Just sayin'. 
Anyway, here are the rest of them for your viewing pleasure. Some fun ones in there. Thanks again, Chris!


artandhockey said...

I think I heard (?) THE Voice saying, that JM was injured.. how much????
I disagree a bit with your evaluation re Daoust.
He seems to be in the right place often enough, only to have no one to pass to or receive the puck from.
And perhaps, the kind of hockey, he played so well LAST year, just isn't the kind of hockey this year's coach's system requires?
And so he is sidelined (or whatever you call it) more.

Ms. Conduct said...

If he's injured, I hope he heals up quick and comes back with some fire in his belly.

Good to get Buck some game time though. It's not like that line was clicking and will suffer from being broken up. :\