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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Aeros To Actually Play Tomorrow

Just a note for those of you worried about how Snowpocalypse will affect the Aeros game tomorrow night. The Aeros have just sent out a note that the game between the Stars and Aeros at Toyota Center will be played as scheduled.


Forecheck said...
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John Royal said...

We freak out because we're not used to driving in snow, and frankly, most of the idiots on the road have trouble driving under ideal circumstances.

It was funny just watching Frank Billingsley on Channel 2 trying to backpedal from all of the dire warnings he's been dishing out all week.

But I'm with you FC. While I can get to TC by side streets, I would really like to have this thing, if it actually happens, be not as bad as feared.

Forecheck said...

Well, I'll delete my comment since , yes, it didn't snow, but it did ICE, which is even worse.

But, the question still remains, can we get to the Toy Box tonight, and can we get home afterwards because of the re-freeze?

John Royal said...

Well, FC, all of the toll roads are closed until Saturday, so if you come by toll road, you're out of luck. And frankly, if you can't get here by side street, I wouldn't risk it just because the de-icing stuff they used didn't appear to work.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

I plan on being there too, and plan to take side streets, especially on the way home.

For those who have already bought tickets, I think the Aeros should offer vouchers to the first playoff game.

Anonymous said...

we understand tickets will be made available for Feb 27 game, per our rep.

John Royal said...


They are working on something, and I'm waiting to get the details. When I get them, I'll post them. You could be right at the date.