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Friday, February 18, 2011

Knowing when to shut up is a virtue

So, the Aeros lost in a shootout to the Milwaukee Admirals. The tight game was 1-1 until the Aeros lost the shootout 2 goals to MKE's 3. Joe O'Donnell, which is what I'm calling Patrick O'Sullivan now because his name comes to me more readily, had the only goal.

I watched the last few minutes plus OT, plus the shootout. But I was so annoyed by offensive effort in the shootout, I can barely type. Which tells me I'm wayyyy too much in irrational fan mode to recap this game appropriately.

Let's just say, Aeros shooters may want to try shooting in the space around the goalie rather than right into his belly. I don't think Smith even had to move to on two of the last 3 shots.

Anyway, the Aeros walk away with the Thanks for Playing point and maintain a tenuous grasp on first place, tied with (but behind) San Antonio, who beat Syracuse 4-2 tonight (in Ray Emery's first game back).

That is all! Happy Saturday!


artandhockey said...

But look at the bright side, the WILD won. Both teams lost, earlier!

ICEVET said...

Despite the competitive "clutter" at the moment, most would probably admit that the Admirals are the BEST team in the West Division.

The Aeros (with good support from a rusty Matt Hackett) played a strong "even strength (5-on-5, 4-on-4) game; however, were beset, once again, by their IMPOTENT Power Play, which failed to produce enough good scoring opportunities (particularly on the 5-on-3's) and nearly coughed up another "shortie". Continued mediocrity in this important segment of the Game may well deny the Aeros a playoff spot.

IMHO, extra-innings shoot-outs are, in a sense, merely "crap-shots".....the Aeros were a solid 8-3, before last night's affair (a much-improved performance over the past 2 seasons) and used the same Order which earlier topped Peoria; unfortunately, both O'Sullivan and Almond failed to repeat their earlier marksmanship.

To be sure, we all look forward to the return of Casey Wellman.

Go Aeros!

Forecheck said...

OK, a better effort but not quite good enough. In this division, you need to win in regulation.

The PP is definitely powerless again and is getting painfull to watch.

I gree with the earlier comments on shot selection in the SO. It would also help if we could keep Hack from biting on the silly stuff. Milwaukee certainly had him scouted well!

Ms. Conduct said...

I think the shootout is the realm of goalies who are bold almost of a fault, which certainly doesn't describe Hackett. I keep hoping when he gets more comfortable as a pro, he'll loosen up a bit in the shootout and get a little less predictable.

I also think if it's he and Kuemper here next year, they'll be a better tandem, as in they can learn from each other. Anton's style is so disparate from the style a bigger, more butterfly-beholden goalie like Hackett plays, there's not a lot for Hack to pick up from him.

Aaaanyway.... NEXT!

Ms. Conduct said...

That would be TO a fault....