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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ice Pigs bust the Aeros slump in 5-3 win

No thanks to AHL Live, I think you pretty much had to be there in person to see the game tonight. Luckily our Eye on the Midwest, Chris Jerina, was there shooting the game.

He told me the Aeros played "their game" the full 60 minutes and there were some tremendous efforts by various players.

First was DiSalvatore's goal to get the Aeros on the board first. He said it was a Bobby Orr type of diving goal and he wasn't kidding. Assists to Prosser and O'Sullivan. Here's his pic of it:

It's goalie porn, too! Way to multitask, Chris! Shazam! (Photo by Chris Jerina)
Falk tallied 5 minutes later with help from McMillan and Gillies. And then with just a few seconds left in the first, the Hogs got one past Hackett.

No problem though, as Noreau scored just one minute into the first, from Earl and Palmer. Unfortunately, the Hogs answered 3:30 later to put it 3-2.

Rockford tied it at 5:50 in the third and from there, I thought Andrew was going to be right in his prediction that this game was going to land in the Blown Lead Tracker to the right.

But Chad Rau called shenanigans on that nonsense (helpers from Earl and Falk---I have to wonder if this is Falk's first 2 point game?) and nabbed the game winner midway through the third. Rockford pulled Toivonen for the extra man, and Ortmeyer, through an apparently Herculean effort, potted an empty net goal to seal it up.

The Icehogs tweeted: "All the fans seem to be heading to the bathrooom?" at this point. Haha. Okay, it's over.

Anyway, good to get the win, and the Aeros remain tied in first place, but now it's with Milwaukee, who shut out Peoria tonight. But it's even better to hear that the boys played like we (and they) know they can.

But it's against the division's basement dwellers, so while it counts for sure, Tuesday's home game against Milwaukee is going to be huge for both teams. HUGE, I tell ya!

(AND I'M GONNA MISS IT!!! Don't be like me. Be there!)


Forecheck said...

Well, the Aeros have improved to beting bottom feeders on the road, which is a huge improvement over Thursday. It also looks like the PK might be coming around, though I don't recall us being in the box much (which is also a good thing).

Thanks to the proven technology of AM radio, I have some idea of what happened, which is more than one would get tonight from the pay disservice known as AHLlive.

Poll of the week - which is worse, the Aeros power play or AHLlive?

ICEVET said...

Agree that Tuesday's game with the Admirals will be HUGE....hope Aeros fans actually show up to support the Team.

We all know that the remaining schedule favors the Aeros, with 15 of 21 at Home and nearly 50% against West teams (OKC-5, SA-2, and Texas-3) the Aeros have done well against, thus far.

The bad news, of course, is that SA, TX, and Peoria, each, have 3 games in hand and Milwaukee 5 games in hand, at this time (which will change after the TX-MIL game today).

Potential mitigating factors, however, could be (i) the remaining schedules of those teams and (ii) how they may compete Head-to-Head over the balance of the season, summarized below (Aeros Games excluded from opponents' Head-to-Head number):

Team Games Home Road Head-Head

MIL 26 15 11 9

SA 24 14 10 12

PEO 24 14 10 9

TX 24 11 13 7

HOU 21 15 6 8

Right or wrong, I have excluded OKC because of the Aeros success in previous games and OKC's relatively poor showing against West competition, thus far.

One might conclude (in a pipe dream) that, if the Aeros hold their home-ice advantage and their opponents destroy each other in Head-to-Head competition, the Aeros have a betting chance for a playoff berth. Should this happen, let's hope that the Team can enter the Playoffs with Momentum and the current Team intact.

Go Aeros!!

Forecheck said...

FYI - Most of the game made it to AHLlive archives - about a 90 minute or so viewing.