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Monday, February 28, 2011

Khudobin traded to Boston for Defenseman, Winger

It's been a dull NHL Trade Deadline today but for Aeros fans, we've got a bit of a blockbuster.

Anton Khudobin has been traded to Boston (and will play for the Providence Bruins with former Aeros netminder Nolan Schaefer) in exchange for defenseman Jeff Penner and RW Mikko Lehtonen.

We'll have a guest post from a P-Bruins writer to introduce us all to Penner and Lehtonen but in short:

Penner (pictured) is a smallish d-man in his second year pro. He had 7g, 28a in 68 games and got 2 games with the big Bruins last season. This season, his offense is down relatively (5g, 14a in 57 games) and no NHL games.

Lehtonen is a 6'3" Finnish right wing who is currently playing in Europe for Skelleftea HC. Dunno that we'll actually see him.

Presumably Josh Tordjman will now be the Aeros second goalie for the stretch. Do you guys think this combo will carry the Aeros on the deep playoff run we are all expecting but not talking about for fear of jinxing it?

And also, lots of folks really love Anton, so I know this is a kick in the gut for some. Just want to extend a hug to you. I understand.... *pet pet*

UPDATE: Here's Russo's take on the WHYs of this trade, which people seem to have a lot of.


Ally said...

We all knew that Anton was most likely, if not positivley, going to have to sign somewhere else for next season, but it would have been super if he could have made a long play-off run with the Aeros. I love Anton to pieces, but it was going to come anyways....

I'm not sure how I feel about Tordjman, but I guess we'll all see very soon. Like maybe Wednesday night!

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Agree 100% with Ally, and the clues were all there for this to happen. Anton had been playing a lot more recently, even in situations that called for Hackett to go.

I think this is a good move for both sides. Statistically, Hack has been better this year. But, the Aeros lose a certain edge when they go to shootouts. Anton has been very good in those this year.

We'll see how it all pans out.

Danimal said...

Lehtonen is the 2nd leading scorer in the Swedish Elite League for what it's worth.

Danimal said...


FINNfinn said...

Yes goodbye Anton, welcome Mikko!

Unsportsmanlike said...

Антон Валерьевич Худобин - молодец. За вас! (*водка*)

(Yes, my Russian is dreadful.)

B2Bomber said...

I like the trade. I think it's a win for both clubs.

ICEVET said...

From the WILD point of view, this was a "trade waiting to happen", as Russo points out. Anton is an "outlier" that simply did not fit in with the WILD's bigger picture.

Anton's goal is to be a permanent NHL net-minder with a North American Team (and he has proven to be up to the task, when given a few brief opportunities).

Given the glut of wannabe NHL goalies, this will be challenging, however, and Anton (now out of the AHL top 20 goalie group) must finish the season with an AHL bottom-feeder which is the back-side of the Aeros (57 v 75 points), with over 200 GA (conversely, the 3rd largest AHL fan market in Providence). Perhaps, the Bruins might take a look before season-end.

We all love Anton, hate to see him go, but wish him the very best in achieving his "North American Dream".

Go Aeros!

Forecheck said...


Will be a tough March stretch without an experienced starting goalie.

Forecheck said...

After a little thought, great trade for Anton, but the Aeros are poorer for it.

Anton will have a better shot in the Boston system, so good for him.

What the Aeros net is loosing their starting goalie and gaining a defenseman, which they are already deep in. The new D-man has little offensive upside, too. So the Aeros have to come away as weaker for it.

I haven't been thinking deep playoff run, either... the main thing we have to focus on is getting in. A deep playoff run isn't possible if you finish sixth or seventh (though the team finishing fifth might be sitting pretty) in a seven team race for four or five slots.

Then again, since when do the Wild care about the Aeros playoff chances? They made this trade to make the Wild stronger by trading a minor-league goalie for a forward who can score for the Wild next year.... or even in this season's playoffs.

At least this trade makes more sense somewhere than anything Nieuwendyk has been doing, or thinking about doing, in Dallas.