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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Told ya not to blink: Welcome to 4th place

Gotta keep this brief because the real job beckons today (and I already managed to put that off with going ice skating and then watching the Aeros game).

The boys lost to the Marlies 4-2 after strong start with 2 first period goals (McMillan, Peters), but then letting the Marlies chop away at the score with 4 unanswered goals in the (2 PP) second and third periods. 

But you could just see the drain in their play. Mistakes ahoy in the form of turnovers, penalties, even just falling down a bunch---tired puppies---and no mercy from Jamie Koharski with the whistle. Also none of that pesky need to "balance" the penalties either, as Earl was hauled down on what was for him an almost sure scoring opportunity with no call.

Oh well. The ol' coach will say don't blame the refs and don't blame the schedule. Sorry coach, I blame 'em both. Maybe I'm just feeling contrary. Sitting at my work computer on a Sunday evening does that to a girl.

It was a very nice streak of game points though, and racking up all 4 points Wednesday and Friday before taking a brief hiatus for the All Star break would bring back the good feelings. 

Speaking of good feelings, Aeros PR rock star Rich Bocchini and Voice of the Aeros Joe O'Donnell are teaming up on a blog that's off to a great start: Pilot to Gunner

Put it in your daily rotation because they're sure to have some great stuff from inside the belly of the Aeros beast. Not Chilly, but... metaphorically... well.. whatever. You know what I mean, right?


Forecheck said...

The AHL schedulers strike again, costing us maybe our 40th or so game since joining this league. Honestly, they can do much, much better than four games in five days followed by four days off (to rust) followed by three-in-three.

Anonymous said...

This is a serious question...I mean I really would like to know the answer. Who does performance evaluations on the refs and how often (if at all) during the year?

Forecheck said...

@Anon - Performance evaluations? Surely you jest.

If Koharski, Koharski, Pelletier , and L'Ecuyer had to actually undergo a corporate type performance review, they would be officiating the Pee Wee games at SLICE by now.