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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brusty Rolling Along

Former Aeros goalie Barry Brust blanked the Albany AHL team last night.
Brusty has won three straight starts and four of five overall. He is 7-3 in his last 10 decisions and has really picked things up in the new year. In January, he is 4-1 with a 1.81 goals against average, and if the season ended today, the Senators would be in the playoffs thanks to the crossover rule.

Way to go Barry ... way not to go fans in Albany. Wow ... tickets sold was about 1,500 and actual butts in seats was FAR less than that. Albany is dead last in attendance and are one of SIX teams in the East that is under .500.

Check out this read by an Albany Times-Union columnist. Be sure to read the comments of the bottom, if time permits.


Ms. Conduct said...

Wait. There's a Brusty post and I didn't write it?

You forgot to mention how foxy he is.... pretty sure that's required.

artandhockey said...

Hmm, interesting comments.

Is the AHL season too long, when there is college hockey in town with fewer games and lower $$ ?

Being unable to fill arenas for week night games is universal, as is lack of good media coverage,
good ticketholder/office relations, disintested owners, the draining of talent by NHL...it all seems to make for unhappy fans!! Is there too much saturation of hockey, even in so-called hockey towns? Just saying..
the most apropos word verification yet: Slize.. too many slices of hockey LOL!
But yeah, Barry Brust!
And I saw that Corey Locke is still up at the NHL Sens!

ICEVET said...

A great comeback by Brusty, as he improves to his 2008-9 pre-injury form, with his stellar 30-game record of 2.66GA, 93%SV, 5 SO.

What are the prospects that he can move up to the BUG slot with the Senators next season?

Apparently, the Senator goalie duo has not exactly set the NHL on fire this season: B. Elliott @ 3.01GA..90%SV, 3 SO; BUG P. LeClaire @ 2.83GA..91%SV.

Also, it appears that Robin Behner was called up (not Brusty) when the Senators were short-handed on netminders earlier in the season.

Thanks for your comments.

Go Aeros!

Ms. Conduct said...

He's on an AHL contract, not an NHL one, so that's why Lehner and Brodeur have gotten all the callups. Lehner is the Senators "goalie of the future" (we all know how well that always pans out *cough*Harding*cough*) so he's going to continue to get the long straw no matter what.

Fortunately, with that injury behind him, he's proven (yet again) how valuable he is to a team, both on and off the ice, and with fans. They're in love with him up there, chanting his name, etc. It's as it should be. :)

I don't know his intentions but I'd wager that if Brusty can't get a reasonably lucrative (on the AHL side) 2 way NHL deal next year, he'll head to Europe/Russia where he can make $$$$. Gotta make hay while the sun shines. At least that's what I'd do in his shoes. As I'm not so keen on learning Russian, I'd sure prefer he stay here.

Forecheck said...

The comments to the article were quite familiar - indifferent ownership/parent club, bad/over-priced food, lack of media coverage, competition with college sports, poor on-ice product, team might be moving, and home games not played at home.

It's everything you've read here and on IA for the past seven seasons about the Aeros, only worse.

Maybe the folks in Albany should think "ECHL" - but even then their attendance is currently at Wildcatter levels or worse.

ICEVET said...

To Forecheck and all other serious hockey fans:

Please give Walter Robb a little credit...after 14 seasons of losing money with the complacent NJ Devils affiliation, he cut his losses and moved to Charlotte, where the Checkers (record 24-15...3rd place) average attendance is now over 5,500 and closing in on the Aeros draw.

To be sure, the 2010 census only confirms the "permanent decline" of the Albany and upstate NY regional market, forever trumped by political cross-currents since the days of Theodore Roosevelt (NY state capital) and fragmented sports venues. Any attempt to compare Albany (per-capita income below national average) to the market potential of other customer markets, including state capitals (i.e. Austin, Manchester, etc) is apples and oranges...the demographics don't compute.

Albany and its 13,000 seat arena will always be "black hole" for any (entrepreneurial) professional sports group, including the Kohn Group, currently writing the checks.

IMHO, during its 75th Iconic year, the AHL could burnish its image by engineering a shut-down of its "Albany problem" at the close of the season.

Less is more!

Go Aeros!

Forecheck said...

@Ice - I think Robb made a great move! The bad move was NJ's. Getting out of Lowell was a good idea, landing in Albany wasn't.

We need a fifth team for a SW division, so how about a net relocation from Albany to Las Vegas, Tulsa, Memphis, or Albequerque?