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Friday, January 21, 2011

View from the Pressbox - Aeros start the weekend off right

Three games, three nights, three countries ...
What, no, they are not playing the Lake Erie Monsters in Mexico City tomorrow? OK, sorry about that. Just two countries then ...

Hey, the Aeros have this schedule thing down pretty good. They'll play three straight road games after Friday's impressive 3-1 win over Texas. I'd like to think they're good enough to win the games in Cleveland and Syracuse. The Toronto game will be tough, because unlike the Aeros, the Marlies will play just two games this weekend, and both of them are at home.

But back to Friday ...

A bit of a rough start, but after the Neal power play goal, Hackett really played lights out. And the DiSalvatore/O'Sullivan line clicked again ... they really worked to create that first goal, and Wellman snapped a nice shot in the cage against Bachman. After the Stars goal, the Aeros really dug deep to find what they needed to do to win.

The shots ended up even, each team had a power play goal, and both goalies were very good ... but the difference was Hackett and a little bit of luck.

The Aeros are winning the close games right now, and that is huge in a division where the top seven teams are separate by four points. They have climbed up to second place, but remember, they have played more games than anybody. They need to keep winning against the West division, and they need to do it in regulation.

Right now the Aeros are the hottest team in the Western Conference. They have won seven of 10, and only the mighty Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins have a better record (8-2) over a 10-game stretch.

If the home team can keep this up, March is going to be real fun when the boys don't leave Texas ... once.

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ICEVET said...

Looking beyond the impending 3-game road trek, the then-remaining 30-game schedule appears to favor the Aeros:

. Overall: 19 home v. 11 road

. North: 5 (all home-ice)
. West: 25 (14 home v. 11 road)

. 3-0n-3: 4 (8 of 12 on home ice)

. Aeros head-head success v West:
(15 of the 30 games)

- Oklahoma (4 games)
- Texas (5 games)
- Rockford (4 games)
- San Ant (2 games)

Beyond the fuzzy math, however, the Aeros will need to minimize PIM and get strong goal-tending when it counts. Hackett and Khudobin ahould be up to it. Further, with the WILD starting to fire on all cylinders, call-ups should be limited.

All Said, the Aeros 8-day "idle" stretch between April 2 and 10 (when other West teams close the final games-in-hand "gap") could be very uncomfortable for the Aeros in their quest for a playoff spot.

Go Aeros!