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Saturday, January 22, 2011

View from the TOP and possible roster news

Don't blink or you're gonna miss it, but the Aeros are tied with Milwaukee for first in the West after tonight's 2-1 win over Lake Erie.


But I say don't blink because there's only 3 points separating First place and SEVENTH place. It makes me tired just thinking about it. You pretty much have to win every game for a while just to get some distance, but I don't see anybody doing that, so it's going to be knotted up like this for a while.

But the Aeros' heavy home schedule in March SHOULD help them, unless they're insanely weird and contrary like that Locke/Kolanos team was. I don't think they are though. This team is good in ways that, for lack of a better analogy, can be reproduced. Like, it makes sense when they're good and when they're bad. They're... predictable?

Anyway, predictably, the Aeros played a solid game tonight, apart from a third period that saw them get only 4 shots on goal and the Monsters get their only goal of the night. Not a bad goal though, as far as I could tell. Shot through a bunch of traffic. Still, the "let up" in the third with the 2 goal lead... I'm gonna guess that pissed Yeo off. But they held it together, particularly through a hairy PK where I think every guy out there blocked a shot. It was a heroic effort, IMO. But I'm a sucker for self-sacrificing, every-man's-a-goalie defense. I wonder why. :)

Aeros goals came from Earl and Peters. I missed both of them. Ha. But I'm told Peters was a tip in with credit to DiSalvatore for the originating shot.

Off to Toronto for tomorrow's matinee at 4 p.m. CT. Well, they are, not me. I WISH. I kinda love watching this team.

March. Is. Going. To. Be. Awesome.

To wrap up, here's Hackett's save from Friday night:

I should probably note here that Nick Schultz of the Wild just got hurt and it sounds like maybe a concussion. So get ready for the Aeros to take a hit at defense. Not sure which of our remaining d-men should get the call. Cuma? Prosser? Need a defensive d-man, not necessarily a power play, offensive guy like Noreau.

Wild already broke Scandella, who took a puck to the head and is working his way back from a concussion due to that and isn't on the current road trip.


artandhockey said...

Wow, who was the lucky picture taker to GET THAT goal? Love it!

artandhockey said...

I HAD TO repost this video on artandhockey just now.
It is TOO awesome not to..
Heartfelt thanks for finding it and posting on T3I!

ICEVET said...

Thanks for posting the replay of Hackett's "gem"...a remarkable feat of skill and mental tenacity.

Today's contest against Toronto (7-2-4 against the West) will feature Fabian Brunstrom (who incurred the high-stick penalty that opened the door for Cody Almond's OT winner against Texas at Cedar Park on December 4) on the Marlies second line.

Unfortunately, the Marlies first line will include Nazem Kadri, the wunderkind whom Khudobin fought off numerous times to earn a shutout in the earlier engagement at Toyota.

Irrespective of today's outcome, assuming the worst case scenario, the Marlies could, indirectly, help the Aeros earn a playoff spot, if by no other way than the crossover rule (5 out of 8 teams from the West).

Go Aeros!