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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brief update on Meyers

John checked in with Joe O'Donnell for an update on Abbotsford's Josh Meyers, who collided with a teammate and had to leave the ice on a stretcher last night.

According to Abbotsford and Meyers' family he is OK and responsive. We don't know if he's still in hospital, but best guess is yes.

Hopefully he can get home soon.

Thanks to our Anonymous commenter for notifying us that, per the Abby Facebook page, Meyers is with the team in Cedar Park and doing well.

Still, helluva way to spend his all star break...

A NOTE FROM JOHN: My apologies for not following a damn Facebook page instead of going through channels and trying to do things properly.

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Anonymous said...

actually if you look on abbotsford's facebook page it will tell you he is with the team at the hotel in Cedar park tonight