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Monday, January 24, 2011

New to the blog! ACME blown two-goal and third-period lead tracker.

My gosh I should have done this before ... after the Aeros blew yet another two-goal or third-period lead Sunday (hey, they did it both this time) I was asked again to clarify just how many times this has happened this season. Most of the time it is easy to point out the games that are sure-fire losses. This was one of those games.

First a little background -- The Aeros are a great first-period team and they are a hard-working lot that have gone from worst to first in about six weeks. Now, thanks to their Achilles heel, they are set in fourth-place in the crazy West Division standings.

Their biggest weakness this year is closing out games they shoulda-coulda won. Eight times this year they have either led 2-0 at some point in the game or lost a game in which they were up going into the third period. That means, though 49 games, they are on pace to do that five more times this year.

(Please stop reading now if you don't have a sense of humor. Thanks.)

So now, featured on the right side of the page of this blog, is the ACME blown two-goal or third-period lead tracker. I am doing an experiment to see if I can change the future and stop the team from doing this five more times this year. I figure I can change the future just by getting enough people inside the organization to be aware of this ghastly trend.

Some notes from the ACME blown two-goal or third-period lead tracker:
  • The Aeros have been outscored 15-0 in the third periods of these games.(15-0!!!!!)
  • In seven of the eight games, the Aeros were either playing their third in three days or their fourth in five.
  • Seven of these eight games have come against the very weak North division. Beyond Manitoba and Hamilton, this division is light.
  • Six of the games have been on the road, two have been at home
  • In the eight third periods in question, the Aeros have drawn just eight power plays.
  • They have been shorthanded 14 times in these eight third periods.
  • In the five games where the Aeros had a 2-0 lead, the opposition scored its first goal less than five minutes later three times. In two of those cases, it was less than three minutes later. Twice, it was more than 23 minutes later.
  • Matt Hackett has been the loser in five of these games. Khudobin in the other three
  • In the three games that were decided in regulation, the opposition scored the game-winner twice in the first 10 minutes of the third, twice in the second 10 minutes of the third and once (against Lake Erie) in the second period.
  • In three of the games, referee Ghislain Hebert was one of the on-ice officials. In two more, either Jamie or Terry Koharski was involved.
I can't remember the name of the commenter, but someone fairly recently said the team (and us) needs to quit blaming the stupid AHL schedule for these major setbacks. I know, on the record, Mike Yeo has not once blamed the schedule for anything. But I sure will, and I have the data to prove that A) the Aeros have the worst schedule the West division and quite often their results are affected by it.

But, as I have said all along, if they can survive through February, they have a very nice home schedule ahead. They do not leave Texas ONCE in March...


Forecheck said...

"the ACME blown two-goal or third-period lead tracker"

This reminds me of something a somewhat disgruntled fan who has simply had enough and can't take it anymore would do to vent off a bit of frustration.

In other words, something that I would do.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

I would be lying in ever sense of the word if I said I didn't think of you when I wrote that one.

I think it is a good stat ... when you look back at the season, what will define them? I hope it is not this.

ICEVET said...

A nice review of games where the Aeros "blew a tire".

Offering a bit of optimism, I refer you, again, to my comments (regarding the remaining 30-day schedule...following tonight's Crunch contest) made to your evening-Post of January 25.

Few would dispute that the remaining schedule favors the Aeros on venue; unfortunately, FOUR
3-on-3's remain.

The good news is that 8 of those 12 games are scheduled at Toyota, with one of the trifectas played entirely at Toyota and another trifecta featuring 2 of 3 games at Toyota (with a Cedar Park visit in between).

Hopefully, Aeros fans can support the Team with better attendance levels over the final stretch.

Go Aeros!

Forecheck said...

Actually, Andrew, you can add the game against the Crucnh since they did blow a two-goal lead. They just came back.