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Sunday, January 16, 2011

1/16/11 -- Aeros v. Griffins -- So Much For The Shootout

The Aeros lost 3-2 in the shootout to the Grand Rapids Griffins tonight. The good news is, that out of a possible eight points they could get playing four games in five nights, they got seven.

The bad news is that they led 2-0 in the second period, and were up 2-1 with half of the third period left. The ugly news, they were up 2-0 in the shootout with only two shooters left, then proceeded to give up three goals.

The important news is that the Aeros are now alone in third place with a record of 24-18-1-3, and they're only two points behind first place Milwaukee. Still, the loss tonight was disappointing, and Mike Yeo was very disappointed in the team's play the last half of the game.

This is it for me tonight. Maybe Andrew or Heather will provide some quotes. Make sure to check the mothership tomorrow as I've got a story on Max Noreau lined up. And of course, here are some photos from Robbie Earl's first period goal.

That's it. Later.


Forecheck said...

Or... The One That Got Away Edition.

1) I was surprised the Aeros came out with so much energy in the first. Too much, maybe.

2) Sully, eh?

3) Jeff Smith. Why even have a ref? Also, shouldn't the AHL demand that the officials actually skate during the games? I mean, I understand skating is great for working off those extra Holiday pounds certain people seemed to have put on......

4) First sign the Aeros were in serious doo-doo : That absolutely horrible five minute power play where they generated (as far as I recall) ZERO shots on goal. This was certainly the turning point. Apart from HAckett, Sully, and maybe Robbie, they seemed pretty much on vapors from that point on.

5) They seemed to stop playing after going up 2-0 in the shootout. Good trys by the first three guys, rather unimaginative trys by the next three.

All in all, they didn't deserve the W, and apart fron Hackett probably not the single point.

Still 7 of the last eight points, and if I remember right 11 of the last 14 ain't too bad. They just need some rest more than anything. Seven games in ten days is a lot. At that rate, they would play out the whole regular season in a little less than four months ( 3 3/4, to be specific).

B2Bomber said...

I, too, thought the turning point during the game was not converting on the 5 min. major. That gave GR a lot of confidence. They boys just didn't play with any energy during the last two periods of play. I don't know if they were tired or thought a 2 goal lead would win for them.
There were some choice chances toward the end of the third period but shots went either high or too wide. I remember Rau had an almost complete open net when Pearce went down and shot it over the net. That could have been the GWG. Oh, well. They played well on Friday and Saturday. We just need to play 60 minutes of the game.