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Friday, March 27, 2009

View from the Press Box - Aeros vs. RFD (3/27)

I like this part of the job. "View from the press box" is where I get to express my opinion about what I saw while watching the Aeros.

I know I am going to get called a major homer for saying this, but since I rarely call out the officials, I am going to allow myself to do just that. Nygel Pelletier had a bad night, and at some point, he is going to hear about it from someone other than the Aeros, who are obviously biased.

The two calls that stand out to me are the phantom goalie interference call against Robbie Earl and the missed tripping call against the IceHogs while the Aeros were trying to kill off the last power play of regulation. Pelletier missed that one, the IceHogs scored and the two team's them put on a display of bad breakaways and missed chances for the next 10:16. You are reading that right ... 10 minutes and 16 seconds is exactly how long the shootout last Friday night.

To be fair, the Aeros did not show up to play until the second period, and they faded after they took a 2-1 lead on a sweet goal by Earl. Hockey works out like that sometimes ... you work harder, and for the most part you are rewarded for two points. That was the case tonight. Pelletier had a bad game, but he did not cost the Aeros that extra point in the standings.

Rockford was the better team, and Kevin Constatine said that only luck and good goaltending by Anton Khudobin were the reasons his team earned a point. He did not comment on Pelletier, even when asked.

Three stars picked tonight by the Aeros were right on.

Niemi was great in the shootout, the No. 1 star must have stolen the team's manual because he read Rosa's forehand to backhand move perfectly and he knew exactly what Locke was going to do in the 13 round.

Jack Skille got the No. 2 star for tying the game with the power play goal and Robbie Earl deserved the third star.

Had Kudobin made one more save, maybe Locke wins the game for the Aeros in the 13th. Had that been the case, he definitely gets the No. 1 star of the game.



Fred Trask said...

Well you pretty much nailed this one Andrew.

I've chatted with Nygel quite a few times in the past and I like the guy. I think he normally calls a pretty good game but tonight I have no idea what he thought he was seeing.

With that said, the Aeros only have themselves to blame for the loss. The first period was a joke. The second was a lot better in comparison and by the third our Aeros were back. They let a point slip away tonight that they shouldn't have.

I've got some good photos to process with many great shoot out saves but it'll be a bit before they are up.

Forecheck said...

Agreed about Pelletier. Awful display of officiating. Almost as horrible as the Aeros play in the first period.