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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Down the Stretch - Post Rockford Edition

What a lousy result tonight. From the sound of it, the Aeros outplayed the IceHogs with the exception of the first seven minutes of the second period. That let down cost them the game, even though Chicago losing got the team two points closer to the playoffs.

The Aeros will officially lose their last "game in hand" when they play at Iowa Tuesday, so they better make it count if they want to make a strong case for that last home-ice-in-the-first-round bid. Milwaukee wrapped up the other by clinching the division tonight, and right now, my money is on the Aeros to get the other if they can take care of Iowa next week. If not, things could get really interesting, especially with Rockford playing two games against the North Division.

The latest chart has been updated (click on it for a clearer view), and the color-coded system makes it crystal clear which team is slumping the most right now.

Let me throw this one out there ... Do you think the recent lackluster play by Corey Locke and Jesse Schultz might be a result of them sulking for not getting a late season look by Minnesota? I am not saying I think that personally, but I was just running down the scenarios of why they look so bad all of the sudden. Or I am missing that boat all together and they are just getting stopped by some good old fashioned opposing goalies?


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