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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Down the Stretch - Post Iowa Update

The Aeros played their last game in Des Moines tonight and absolutely crushed the Chops 6-2, scoring four unanswered goals down the stretch. Three shorties - albeit one was an EN - but are you kidding me? Raise your hand if you can figure this team out. Quoting Mr. T, "I pity the poor fools that try to use video and rational thinking to try to figure out the Aeros as an opponent."

This team is nuts, and I am done with predictions or even worrying about where they will end up or who they could play in the first round. It does not matter.

As for tonight, just look what they had to overcome ... Best goal scorer gone? Check. No. 1 and No. 2 goalies now hurt and/or extremely rusty? Check. Just when it looked like the team was destined for another letdown, the close out the roadie by scoring six goals in a building they might as well call home.

After tonight, the magic number for a playoff spot is down to six (and really it's five if you count tiebreakers). Click on the chart below to see a complete breakdown of the final two weeks.

Who to cheer for tomorrow?
Chicago over Peoria, Lake Erie over Rockford and Milwaukee over Quad City.



will said...

Thanks for being on top of thing w/ the chart updates!

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Sure thing!
It's fun to do when it is all so close. On the Admirals blog, they are taking cookie bets on who finishes where in the rest of the west.

Good stuff

Ms. Conduct said...

I am done with predictions