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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aeros v Milwaukee - 3/25

Maybe the Aeros should change their slogan this year from "15 Seasons. One Reason." to "Who ARE these guys?"

After three-quarters of a season of inconsistent, up and down, roller coaster play, dare we say... they're on a roll? No, we dare not.

Last night's game against the division leading Milwaukee Admirals, who quite frankly didn't have a ton to play for with their 17 point lead over the rest of the division and a depleted roster, was still one of the best of the season. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever heard Constantine speak as effusively about his squad as he did last night. You can see those quotes in Andrew's Chron article here.

The Aeros said donnez-nous quelques buts to the Admirals early in the first period with markers from Pouliot and Noreau. On receiving a stretch pass from Schultz from deep in the Aeros zone, Pouliot flew down the left wing, beating the Ads defense and fending off a slash to get a shot off over the glove of goalie Drew McIntyre, who gambled and went low on the shot.

The Aeros regrouped in the Ads' zone after the face-off and 31 seconds later, Noreau ripped a shot from the point past McIntyre, who was looking for the puck through a ton of traffic at his doorstep. Calisse!

So, here, you're thinking, "Okay, what do the Aeros do with an early lead?" Yeah, they choke it away. But no, they press on and play well.

Pouliot potted the third unanswered goal, his second on the night, tipping in a Mojzis shot from the point.

But midway through the third, the Ads' finally got enough traffic to get Schaefer moving and down prematurely, and Kelsey Wilson popped one over him into the net. Perhaps there was some concern about a come-back by the Ads, but with only 8 shots on goal in the first two periods, it seemed unlikely.

And indeed, Kolanos sealed the deal with a sneaky little power play goal from the bottom of the circle off a pass from Locke, who extended his scoring points streak to 10 games. The K-Train celebrated by throwing himself 3 feet in the air into the glass and came down kinda hard. Seriously, I love the big cellies but don't get yourself hurt there, Ovechkin.

Stars were 1-Pouliot (2 goals!), 2 - Mojzis (2 assists), 3 - Wilson (one goal). Sorry homers, but in a 4-1 game, and someone with a goal and an assist like Noreau had, all three stars should have gone to the Aeros.

Now the Aeros have a 3 point "cushion"(that's not particularly soft) between them and Peoria. They face another 3-in-3 this weekend, starting at home on Friday against Rockford, and then up-up-and-away to Peoria and Rockford Saturday and Sunday.

The team is one game into a series of 8 games in 11 days. Then they get a few days off before San Antonio will attempt to play spoiler for the final 3 regular season games. No rest for the weary.


Fred Trask said...

You say "The team is one game into a series of 8 games in 10 days" and that really hit home. 8 games in 10 days will decide the Aeros season.

Will they go on to post season play or not?

Does anyone see anything wrong with that scenario? This schedule has been insane and that is what David Andrews SHOULD apologize for, not the DOG call for pitching a puck over the glass.

Anyway, fantastic game, go Aeros and smack adversity right in the teeth.

Ms. Conduct said...

Actually, I just realized I did the math wrong (wot? me?) it's 8 in 11, but still... effing brutal this time of the season.

And yeah, what's scary is that they could just as easily be out of it with a bad string of games. But they're playing like they know that. And I think from Lynn on down, they've made it clear that they think this team has the goods, so that's gotta put some confidence in their back pockets.

You're right about the schedule. I can't believe I didn't think to ask about that.

AdmiralsShortShifts said...

For the record, we voted for Tony Hrkac for third star of the game. He didn't do a whole lot - but he brought his own cheering section from Concordia University that was often louder than the rest of the Bradley Center combined.

I'm with you guys - the Home Team deserved no star for that game.