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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Aeros vs Peoria 3/22 - Final Photos

Here are the final pics from the 3/22 game versus Peoria.
We'll start with another Manny Legace for Ms. Conduct.

Here is the shot that Andrew was referring to when he said: "Marco Rosa missed another wide open goal. But to his credit, he said one of the factors that prevented him from lifting that puck into an open cage was the snowy ice in where he had the puck." You can see he was creating some of his own snow here as he came to a stop.
He had to move back through that snow here and Legace bit on the hard move. Marco's move had him moving the wrong way. You can see that Marco had to kick the puck back up to his stick while moving back to the middle of the ice.
Here Marco has Legace down and out with an open net as he tries to lift the puck on the back hand.
Unfortunately he got no lift on the puck and Legace was able to make the save. The Aeros have to convert these if they plan on advancing.

This is the first Peoria shoot out attempt. Nolan Schaefer made an awesome pad save here . He just got the puck with the top of the toe on his right pad. This could have been the save Ms Conduct was mentioning when she wrote about Chris Holt's comment "One of Schaefer's saves (where he got a toe out JUST in time to deflect the puck away) had him going, "HOW'D HE DO THAT?!""
This was Locke's first shoot out goal. This goal may have set Legacy up for the sick shoot out goal I mentioned here.

I know Chis Holt was amazed at this shoot out save which had Schaefer coming back to his left after reacting to a hard fake then getting the puck with his stick at the last second. The net was wide open and Schaefer made a huge athletic play to get the puck.

Nolan won the game for the Aeros with this glove save on Carl Corazzini. The puck is hard to see but it's in the glove.
Here's another group hug for the group hug fans.

All Photos:Fred Trask

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Ms. Conduct said...

Just looking at those photos of Schaef make m'groins hurt. Great stuff!

Ahhh, Manny. Bless his wee goalie heart... BTW, remind me to show you my laptop wallpaper Friday. It's Mannyfique! :D