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Monday, March 30, 2009

Crazy goalies are awesome and Tuukka Rask is their king

This has made the rounds, but it's worth sharing here in case you guys haven't seen it.

Providence Bruins v Albany River Rats. Shootout.
Rask appears to touch the puck on a poke check, stopping forward progress, but ref counts the ensuing goal. Then, presumably rattled, Rask comes uncorked on the next goal (which he seems to be disputing as possibly having hit the crossbar and gone out). Take a look:

Apart from some YouTube notoriety (what happened to the myth of the even-keeled Finnish goalie anyway?), there was no punishment from the league. Per the Providence Journal via Howlings, AHL Commissioner David Andrews felt like the display wasn't directed at officials and, therefore, not warranting of a suspension.

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Because we love goalies and we love Fred's photos, here's a nice shot of a rather scary looking Rask. "You better stop these pucks, Stick. Or I'll fling you. I swear on my lucky milk crate I'll do it."

Photo: Fred Trask


John Royal said...

"Not directed at the officials" and no suspension. I kind of get the feeling from that that Andrews is saying the refs screwed up and the goalie was right to be pissed.

Ms. Conduct said...

I think that's a fair assessment.

Fred Trask said...

I don't really blame Rask for being upset as it looked like a horrible call to me and I like a net minder with emotion but I don't know how you can allow that type of tantrum and stick throwing w/o some kind of deterrent (other than the game misconduct he received) to prevent others from doing the same. Fans were put at risk and fans started throwing all kinds of items on the ice.

I'll add a Rask pic to the blog post if you don't mind.

Ms. Conduct said...

Actually, I'm posting the Commish's comments on IGM tonight. Got a shot I can use there?