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Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Annual Fred Trask Photo of the Year Competition

It's been a long, hot, dry, hockeyless summer, but I think we're all seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And to help pull us all through to the start of training camp AND to reminisce a bit about some of the great moments of the past season via Fred's amazing photography, we bring you The Photo Contest.

We picked our top 32 favorite photos from the past season, then we ranked them and created a bracket. (Click to enlarge)

So for the next few days, you can vote on which photo in each match-up will advance to Round 2. Then when those are decided, we'll start voting for Round 2 and so forth until we get to the championship.

We'll fire it up first thing tomorrow morning, with two new match-ups a day for a while. Voting will be open for two days for each individual match-up, so don't miss a vote.

May the Best Photo win! (You're all winners!!!)

Round One
1 v 8 seeds
Tippett Region - Scott vs. Foy Fight
Wiseman Region - Group Hug
Chabot Region - Schaef glove save
Freer Region - Love fight

2 v 7 seeds
Tippett Region - Kolanos scores on SA
Wiseman Region - Schaef melon save
Chabot Region - Brusty toe save
Freer Region - RyzKasLam goal cele

3 v 6 seeds
Tippett Region - Love & angry looks
Wiseman Region - Dimples gives a shove
Chabot Region - Kassian fight
Freer Region - Kolanos Superman

4 v 5 seeds
Tippett Region - Locke beats Legace
Wiseman Region - Irms skating
Chabot Region - Brusty diving save
Freer Region - Stoner & Brusty

Round Two
Tippett 7 v 8 - Scott v. Foy fight
Wiseman 1 v 7 - Schaefer melon save
Chabot 1 v 2 -Brusty toe save
Freer 8 v 2 -Love fight

Tippett 3 v 5 -Locke beats Legace
Wiseman 6 v 5 - Dimples gives a shove
Chabot 3 v 5 - Brusty diving save
Freer 3 v 5 - Kolanos Superman

Round Three
Tippett Division Final - Locke beats Legace
Wiseman Division Final -Dimples gives a shove
Chabot Division Final - Brusty diving save
Freer Division Final - Love fight

Round Four
Howe Conference Final - Locke beats Legace
Avco Conference Final - Brusty diving save



Chris Jerina said...

Dimples birthday FTW!

CatTrick said...

Glad to see the competition - it should be fun. Fred's snapped some AWESOME shots ... this is a perfect time to take another look at his work and give him some well-deserved pats on the back.