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Monday, September 21, 2009


Locker scores the goal of the season

Brusty makes the save of the season

All photos by Fred Trask

Vote below for the best photo (and remember, we're trying to find the best photo... not just your favorite player):


artandhockey said...

Looks like the 'Locke Legacy' will loose out to the 'Flying Brusty'! Too bad.
Woops, 'the word' reflects my feeling...inammad ;-)

Ms. Conduct said...

Either one would beautifully represent both the season and Fred's photography. I voted for Brusty (I know, I should have told you to sit down before I broke that kinda news) but the Locke photo is just as deserving.

There's still until 8 a.m. on Wednesday to vote though. I'd say it could go either way still.

Snikpip said...

"Locker" will win in seven.

CatTrick said...

Locke's a winner whether his photo is selected number one or not!!!

Chris Jerina said...

Brusty has to get it. How many times does a goal happen in a game versus how many times does a goalie have to dive across the crease AND make the save? JMO :)

Thanks for doing this Ms. C, was fun to remember some moments and see some that happened before I dropped by!

And obviously thanks to Fred for posting the awesome pics... gives me motivation to try and out do him in the games here in the Midwest!

Ms. Conduct said...

I can't believe how close the vote is. Well, tied at the moment. I guess this is how the championship is supposed to be.

artandhockey said...

IMO The Locke Legacy will stay with this fan! And it seems CatTrick as well. BTW a newly made friend (opera type) LOVES the NY Rangers, so, Locke may have a new fan!