Houston Aeros 1994-2013: Thank you for all the great memories and two decades of great hockey and entertainment.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Round Three: Freer Division Final

Mitch Love and his fists of fury

Kolanos, the helium version

All photos by Fred Trask

Vote below for the best photo (and remember, we're trying to find the best photo... not just your favorite player):


Anonymous said...

I'd love do a hot air ballon ride!

Ms. Conduct said...

LMAO. Well, little science lesson: Hot air balloons are full of... hot air, not helium.

But I get your point (I think) and I suspect you'll need to take a number. ;)

Anonymous said...

This was a hard one to pick...the content in both pics are great !!! They both had equal content.
So I picked KK...had to go with my heart !!
Sure miss him !!

No lessons, please. LOL.

artandhockey said...

As much as I'm not truly a KK
fan (MB ;-D), I do vote (and voted previously) for KK in this one.
Guess, no burning of the Hindenburg here!