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Monday, September 14, 2009

Beaudoin impresses in Stars Scrimmage

Matt Beaudoin (photo by Fred Trask) scored two goals in Dallas' (white vs. green, I guess) White 5-0 win today. Don't crown the guy king of Stars hockey, but he is off to a good start. There is no doubt that he will hustle and do good things with the puck.

Mike Heika covers Stars hockey for the AM news up there and was very impressed with Beauds.
Matt Climie got a very good mention too for his big saves in the game.

I just realized that Clime and Krahn will likely be in Austin. If their "D" holds up down there, they will be a very good team. I predict they will be one of the four teams to make the playoffs (Chicago, Milwaukee, Houston and Texas are my early picks). No, not in that order.

Here is a little bit from Heika's blog:

"The other player of note on Monday was Mathieu Beaudoin, who scored two goals. Beaudoin is 25 and is coming off a year in which he played for new Texas Stars coach Glen Gulutzan in Las Vegas (ECHL) and also for the Houston Aeros (11-8_19 in 41 games). He powered two shots in and looked good doing it. He just signed with the Texas Stars, so he could become a player that the Stars might see this year. He's a right-handed shot, so that doesn't hurt his chances.

"Matt Climie had probably the most noticeable saves in net, as he stopped Jamie Benn and Ray Sawada on a couple of good chances. All in all, most of the goalies have looked good in the two scrimmages."

It's OK to lament of him not returning here, but the Wild have answered why to that question and he just did not fit in the plans for the organization. Fletcher wants guys that are comfortable to him in his first couple of years, and until the guys scores 20 goals in the NHL, there is no need to call this a mistake.


artandhockey said...

So what. We can still lament his absence and fear his successes AGAINST the NEW AEROS.
Go Beaudoin, we will miss you, having done so much for the success of the OLD Aeros (Hat trick away, goals at home during the Cup games!!)
Definetely will go to an Texas Star/Rampage game while we are in San Antonio in December-come he..or high water!
Once a favorite, always a favorite ;-)- IMO!
BUT THANK YOU ANDREW, for the up date! Being busy with my blog I missed checking on others! Thank goodness for T3I!

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

No, and I just realized that I committed one of the Cardinal sins of blogging ... I told the reader what to think.
Shite ...

Of course Beaudoin fans can call this a huge mistake. And this very well may be just that.

I SHOULD have said the following:

"It is my opinion that this cannot be called a mistake by the Wild until Beaudoin scores 20 NHL goals."

I can see him terrorizing the Aeros all year long, but I can see the Wild's point of view on this one.

The good thing is we'll ALL see how it turns out in the coming weeks and months.

artandhockey said...

well, not exactly. It is YOUR opinion, too. I gather from the tone of your article... and we have agreed to disagree in the past...;-), so no problemo.

Forecheck said...

I'll still chalk this one up as a huge mistake by Mill and what's-his-face in Minnysohta.

If they really wanted the Aeros to succeed and go past the first round to give their players play-off experience, they would have signed Matt even if he wouldn't be a fit with the Wild.

Fred Trask said...

Nice photo though :-)