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Friday, September 4, 2009

Round One: Chabot Region 4 v 5

4 - Justin Falk sends former Aero Ryan Jones flying

5 - Brusty makes a huge diving save

All photos by Fred Trask

Vote below for the best photo (and remember, we're trying to find the best photo... not just your favorite player):


Fred Trask said...

This save by Brust is one of my top all time saves. He completely robs Mackenzie. I think I like the photo before this one in the series better as it shows just how much net he had to shoot at and Barry is diving to block his shot. Here it is a great shot that shows how he made the save but is less dramatic without the set up. Of course the set up on it's own looks like a wide open net with a netminder diving back to try to stop a shot that he has no chance on and will be an obvious goal.

Ms. Conduct said...

Yeah, I struggled with that choice, but wanted them to work without explanation, and the other one looked like Barry was getting scored on. Naturally, I couldn't go there. :)

artandhockey said...

Another 'story photo' by Mr. Camera.. Brusty levitating? :-)OR?
How do you do it? Fred, you must have shot pix after pix to arrive at THE perfect one(s)?
Mindboggling, and I mean it! Without 'smirkies', or 'winkies'.

MotleySu said...

Gotta go with the save.
I have no words.