Houston Aeros 1994-2013: Thank you for all the great memories and two decades of great hockey and entertainment.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Little Thank You

I just wanted to leave a little personal note. I had the pleasure of meeting some T3I readers when I was watching the Aeros in Sugar Land yesterday. I just want to thank you for the kind words, and I passed them along to Andrew, Fred, and Heather.

In turn, we appreciate you guys, and we've been honored by the readership numbers that we get. Andrew had the idea to consolidate all of our coverage at one location to make it easier for all of you to find it, but I don't think any of us expected that T3I would take off like it has. So I just wanted to thank everybody for reading, and hopefully we can keep up this level of coverage.


Snikpip said...

[standing ovation]

John, Andrew, Heather, Fred: Your time and effort covering the Aeros (and all other things hockey) is much appreciated.

"We don't need no stinking ESPN. We got T3I!"

artandhockey said...

BRAVI, BRAVA... keep it up and don't let ANYONE scare you off doing this marvellous job! Hats off from a fellow blooger for a super blog!

CatTrick said...

John, I enjoyed meeting you yesterday ... you (collectively) do a great job with T3I, and it's a pleasure to be part of your adoring public. :-) Seriously, T3I rocks; each of you brings a wealth of contributions to the table and we, your fans, are the lucky beneficiaries of your talent and efforts. Keep up the great work.