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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Round One: Freer Region 3 v 6

3 - Kolanos takes flight into the Rochester goalie

6 - Kolanos leaves MacIntyre on his caboose

All photos by Fred Trask

Vote below for the best photo (and remember, we're trying to find the best photo... not just your favorite player):


Andrew J. Ferraro said...

To, me this is one of the toughest votes yet. I LOVE the first picture, but I like, like, like (8th grade like, like, like) the second picture.

I voted for the Kolanos goal, only because of how good that second picture would have been had Fred been on the other side of the ice.

Not saying that is his fault, just saying that theoretically ... .

Nice work ... and I am glad this photo tournament is so successful.

Thanks again to Fred for the art and to Heather for running the pole ... oops, Freudian slip. Er, poll rather.

And with that ... we are done.

Ms. Conduct said...

You charmer you! Thinking of me and poles. ;)

I think I've gotta go against my own ranking and go with the second one. Something about catching the desperate aftermath of a Kolanos goal thrills me.

Plus, I don't want to encourage the Supermanning of goalies by hot shot wingers. :P

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

The goal in the second picture was HUGE, too.

I think that helped the Aeros win their first meeting against the Admirals. Kolanos scored that goal just 26 seconds into the third period and completed a two-goal night with an empty-netter near the end of the game.

I remember it very clearly. I was walking back to press row, and since I could not yet see the ice, I was watching the play on the big screen. I mumbled to myself that the play looked like a goal, and sure enough ... BOOM.

No goal horn, though.

CatTrick said...

I voted for the first one but now wish I would have voted for the second one. The first is a great snapshot, as in, "I can't believe Fred caught that moment!"

But the second, composition-wise, is practically perfect, and I love the look on Kolanos' face ... a mixture of smugness and satisfaction ... otherwise knows as a "take that, you %*$_% goalie, I beat you!" look ... and yes, Andrew, definitely worthy of a goal horn!!!

Fred Trask said...

I predict the Kolanos photo will win in this round.

artandhockey said...

Both Kolanos photos, you mean, Mr Camera?
UFF...KK in flight? UFF...KK smirking? UFF tripled
( not OOF - UFF :-D )
Ms. C. did daub him 'Greek God' once or twice, I believe,and gods fly or maybe just float benignly!
Re 'poles', could that be about the newest gaolie, Dubielewicz-or however he spells his Polish sounding name? ;-) :-)

Anonymous said...

Gonna miss seeing the Human Highlight Reel-Kolanos....in person.
This was a tough choice...I picked Superman...cause he is my Superman.
(In my head ) !! LOL....