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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Watch This Space

Just a brief note. Be watching our blog links tomorrow, especially "Hair Balls," because over at the Houston Press mothership they should be posting my story/interview with new GM Jim Mill. I'll have some comments, etc., over here after it goes up. But I'll let you know for those still asking: Matt Beaudoin is definitively not going to be on the team.


Anonymous said...

so do you know where matt beaudoin is?
do you know where he will be playing this year?

i heard a rumor that he got married?

John Royal said...

I don't know where he's at. And I didn't ask. And that wasn't really part of the interview, but I thought for everybody here I would ask and see if there was any chance of his returning. The answer was no.

artandhockey said...

So no Beau, (sigh) and per Russos Rants Cody Almond, a 22 yr. old, who scored well with his previous team, has an injury....hope he'll heal and will score for our NEW Aeros!