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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Aeros win first pre-season game 3-2

I can't tell if it's because I've missed pro hockey so much or because it was actually a good game, but that was a good game, especially for pre-season.

Aeros opened the scoring on a goal from Noreau (okay, I'm hearing now that it was deflected by Milroy) like we've all seen a bunch of... rocket from the point. But Zingoni set up the goal with a shot down low that rebounded out. Goalie didn't even know what hit him (or actually didn't hit him) on that one.

A few fights but none that warranted more than a roughing call (though they still got fighting majors... they should come up with a Violent Hugging penalty and there would have been several of those tonight).

San Antonio evened the score up in the second with a goal by Colin Long, but the Aeros answered quickly with a goal from tryout Gregg Johnson.

I failed to tweet it, but San Antonio again tied it up in the second when Jay Henderson roofed a shot over Wade Dubielewicz, who came in for Khudobin about midway through the second.

Third period looked better, but Constantine said he preferred the first two periods. The Aeros had some strong offensive chances late in the third, but couldn't finish and the game went into overtime and then to the shootout.

Few of the shots were terribly challenging in the shootout, but both goalies were perfect until the Aeros Chad Rau put one on San Antonio goalie Timo Pielmeier (say it 10 times fast) that he had but then let slip over his pad into the goal. Oops.

A few impressions of the new guys:

Ferguson IS the new Mitch Love. He was in the middle of everything. He had this one keep at the blue line where he did a full 360 degree spin horizonally in the air as he flung the puck back into the Aeros offensive zone. I'm pretty sure he's a NINJA, and I don't just throw that term around.

Kalus still has tons of speed and had a few breakaways, but just can't get to the net with it.

Lannon is a tough SOB (he was wearing the captain's C, BTW)... in fact, I saw very few instances where guys didn't finish their checks with gusto.

I don't know how much this team is going to score but they do seem to play a tough game.

We'll see what they look like on Monday against what is expected to be a pretty darn good Texas Stars team. Andrew and I will be there to give you the Tweets and gory details.

Good night!

(BTW, I saw lots of cameras out... if anybody got a shot they particularly love, email 'em to me and we'll do a picture thread.)

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artandhockey said...

"Feisty Fergie" LOL.
It is certai, Beaudoin assigned to Texas Stars! Per Dallas Stars official site! Have fun watching him skate against Aeros!