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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dave Tippett To Coach The Coyotes

There's taking a job because you want to work. There's taking a job out of desperation. Then there's taking a job even though it might end up being career suicide. Dave Tippett today chose option number three, and he's now the new coach of the Phoenix Hamilton Phoenix still-to-be-determined Coyotes.

With the NHL season only weeks from starting, the Coyotes today officially found themselves without a coach today as Wayne Gretzky officially did resigned. Gretzky had yet to make any appearances at Coyotes camp, and there had been speculation as to who was really running the franchise. Well now it's official. Tippett is running a team while a bankruptcy judge attempts to determine who is going to own the team and where the team will be located.


Forecheck said...

Tipp deserves better!

James said...

You really think accepting the Coyotes coaching gig is flirting with career suicide? The way I see it there is nothing but upside here. If the team fails I suspect the perception will be that it was because of the off-ice situation rather than the coaching situation. However if the team succeeds it will be because Tip was able to get the players to play to their potential DESPITE the uncertainty surrounding the franchise.