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Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's official: Beaudoin is a Texas Star

Here's hoping Aeros goalies know all his tricks. :)

Article here.


artandhockey said...

Bonne Chance y Meilleurs Veux a Mathieu Beaudoin. Les coeurs d'amies sont avec lui pour une carriere en Austin. (should he read this blog)
Wishing him much success and a great year, he earned it. Too bad someone did not think so up North.
We Sigh. We ;-(

Forecheck said...

I hope he shows the Wild/Aeros management what a stupid mistake they made.... just not enough that we lose a point.

Anonymous said...

good. he should now show the aeros/wild what there missing

on the other hand, good luck Matt!!!
you DEFINITLY deserve this :))

artandhockey said...

Calling all Beaudoin fans to form a Matt-FAN club :-0?
Anyone interested?
Speak up, sign on!

AerosFan said...

i would join the matt beaudoin fan club!!

id even help out in it :)