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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apologies For The Lack Of Photos

I just wanted to offer up my apologies. I know that normally, after an Aeros game, you come over here to T3I to see some of Mr. Fred's great game photos. But you didn't get any tonight, and that's my fault. I kidnapped him and made him photograph the Houston Cougars/Texas Tech Red Raiders football game that I was covering for the mothership.

I haven't seen all of the photos yet, but let me tell you, based on the photos that he had of Houston's Case Keenum scoring the game winning touchdown, I think I can safely say that Mr. Fred is as good at shooting football as he is at shooting hockey. And we all know how good he is at hockey.

So thanks for letting me borrow him tonight.


Bobby R said...

The Chronicle has 3 photos posted at Andrew's article on the game.


Fred Trask said...

You can find some of the pics on the Houston Press site


and here

And John's game coverage here