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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Aeros hire Green, Tretiak as Trainer, Equipment Manager

We've known about Jody Green for awhile now -- thanks to a purposely unnamed social media Web site -- but T3I could not reach a unanimous decision as to whether or not we should have posted that information a few weeks ago.

The decision was made not to put that information on the blog, and the Wild organization was not quite ready to release it at that time.

Although these promotions are great for the respective parties, this news pales in comparison to last week's schedule release or even a preseason schedule announcement. We are still hoping to get that soon. The games and dates have already (virtually) been decided, so now we are just waiting for the announcement.

Green is replacing a Houston Aeros staple in Jerry Meins, and I wish him the best of luck filling those shoes. We'll miss Jerry, but Green is certainly an up-and-comer. As for Tretiak, he has a cool last name and come to find out, jokingly, he is not the same goalie from USSR hockey lore.

I wish him well in his new role too.

The following is the news release the Aeros sent out earlier today:

HOUSTON – Houston Aeros General Manager Jim Mill announced today the American Hockey league (AHL) team hired Jody Green as the new Athletic Trainer and Doug Tretiak as the new Equipment Manager.

“We are excited with the new additions to our staff,” Mill said. “Jody and Doug bring the experience and professionalism needed to handle the intensity of the jobs that are key to the success of our team.”

Green, 25 (6/1/84), worked as a graduate assistant athletic trainer for the Alabama Crimson Tide Volleyball Team last year while studying for his master’s degree in Arts and Health Studies. The Gulfport , Mississippi native has also worked with the Mississippi Sea Wolves of the ECHL as an intern and assistant athletic trainer. Green earned his bachelor of science in Athletic Training at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette where he made the Dean's List in 2006 and 2007. He is board certified in athletic training and CPR and is a member of the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA), Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers Society (PHATS) and the Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers (SPHEM).

Tretiak, 42 (4/26/67), comes from the RGV Killer Bees (Central Hockey League) and RGV Dorados (Arenafootball2 League) where he has been equipment manager since 2006 and was recognized as an outstanding equipment manager in 2008-09. The Winnipeg , Manitoba native is approaching the 800 game milestone, working for teams in the Western Professional Hockey League, International Hockey League, AHL and National Hockey League where he started as a visiting team attendant with the Winnipeg Jets in 1987.

Green and Tretiak will begin their new roles with the team immediately.


Ms. Conduct said...

Does this mean I could legitimately get a Tretiak Aeros jersey now? Hmm... Nah.

Anonymous said...

Jody Green is a hack.

alw02 said...

Well it was strictly cost reduction after all. I was hoping the change would put emphasis on teaching the guys how to train and condition.

Anonymous said...

Guess it'd be ok to bring back the Commie Mig now.

Absolutely nothing against Mr. Green but you HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!

The fact that Aeros hire someone who has never been a trainer at this level and let a consummate pro, like Meins, go shows you just how clueless and classless they are in MN these days. It had to be money, age and health. I hope the players realize just how much you value their health when you make this move.

Bad enough you bring in a guy named Green to replace Jerry but he truly is green as well. It's a sad, sad day.

Since my five, full season, tickets are already paid for, I'll stick it out this season but I think it will be my last year as a STH for the Aeros. The management has me disgusted beyond belief. Clueless people running the show in both Houston and MN have clearly shown me that they no longer deserve my hard earned money. I'll make my feelings known by withholding my money. That's all they understand and care about anyway. Greedy bastards.

You'll be missed Jerry.

Anonymous said...

So who is Green related to? I can not think of anything rational to support this hire other than nepotism or a favor owed. He must have been really cheap compared to Jerry, which is always a consideration with this franchise.

FinnAir said...

Well at least the last time I checked Tretiak had a very cool moustache.

Mark Potter said...

No offense to Mr. Green, but let's see here ... the Aeros try to replace Jerry's roughly 40 years of experience as a trainer with someone pretty much right out of school?

Nah.... cost cutting wasn't a motive here.

As is often the in cases like this, the Aeros may well pay for their cheapness down the road. As a former NATA member myself, there is more to being a trainer than book learning. Lots more.

CatTrick said...

Very disappointing.

artandhockey said...

I am gone and things go GREEN..an ecological hire by the Wild :-)?