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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Round One: Freer Region 1 v 8

1 - Dimples tracks the puck into his glove

8 - Another one bites the dust at the hands of Mitch Love

All photos by Fred Trask

Vote below for the best photo (and remember, we're trying to find the best photo... not just your favorite player):


Anonymous said...

I go with the fight

MotleySu said...

Gotta LOVE Mitch!!!!!

Forecheck said...

Caputring Anton's eyes was an amazing stroke of genius/luck. (When I take good pix, it's always luck.)

FinnAir said...

To save everybody's time let's just move all the fight pics to the final rounds and then pick a winner from the fights. No point for sissy hockey fans to put up a fight here.

Ms. Conduct said...

They're both great pics. Lots of drama in both. If I weren't such a nut for goalies, this one would have been a tough choice for me.

FinnAir said...

Probably just my Euro-hockey upbringing but don't see much in the second pic. On the other hand the one with Anton is the best of the lot so far in my opinion.

I'm also very sceptical about the drama in the second pic (of course there is no way of knowing just by looking at the pic), but I'm just guessing it's one of these "hey wanna go man?" show-fights, not much to do with the actual events in the game. I don't mind a fight so much if it stems from events, but watching the regulatory tussle...nothing more painful, might as well just bring in the Zooperstars.
Ok. Everybody, just throw the kitchen sink at me then.

Ms. Conduct said...

Hey, it's your opinion. Nothing wrong with that at all. I wasn't always crazy about the "you wanna go" type of fights, but I do believe they serve a purpose in NA hockey culture. I distinctly remember several times where Mitch fought and it pumped up both the team and the crowd and put the wind at the Aeros' back.

I kinda roll my eyes at the arm failing and such antics after the fight, but you know, it's just entertainment at the end of the day and many fans seem to dig it, so whatever gets people coming back to hockey in Houston is okay by me.

If we've gotta sell out a little, meh, it's for the greater good. I mean, once you go down the bikini contest path, it's hard to sell out any worse than that.

Anonymous said...

Dogs in the stands .. cough cough.

Ms. Conduct said...

At least that had a charity angle.

FinnAir said...

My naive view:

1) Show fight : changes nothing.
2a) Throw in some good checks - be a pest - throw in some more checks - unsettle the opponent : changes the momentum
this quite often leads to
2b) Other team starting a fight - give them a good beating : changes the momentum. (don't mind this kind of a fight)

I do appreciate the different status of fights in NA hockey and that they do pull in the crowds here.
Instead of having a penalty shootout to decide the match, it would make much more sense to have a "goon fest" where each
team would pick their top 5 fighters to square up in the end to decide the result. Now that would be a crowd pleaser.

Wonder whether that silly phenomenon in NHL will continue this season where almost any clean hit automatically lead into a fight?

Ms. Conduct said...

Agreed on the fights after clean hits. My poor Clutterbuck was the recipient of a lot of that last season. He must be maddening to play against though, so that figures.

I'm gonna veto the goonfest idea. I love the shootout.

MotleySu said...

I looked at the Love photo and had lot laugh out loud. The guy Mitch manhandled... is now his teammate (unless the dude's been traded or signed with another team).

This is bittersweet...