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Thursday, August 13, 2009

2009-2010 AHL Schedule

Here is the AHL schedule for this season. Note that the Aeros open the season in Manitoba on October 2 and 3, then they open the home schedule against Texas on October 9. I haven't really looked it over yet, but I'm sure everybody will find something to gripe about, so have it.

UPDATE: Well, I just noticed that for the first time in years, the Aeros will be on the road for Thanksgiving instead of playing San Antonio here at Toyota Center on Black Friday. I also note that the Aeros are at home for Christmas, but play three-in-three on the road at New Year's. Still, I don't see anything really outrageous.

Also, here is the Chronicle story on the schedule. A few good notes here ... also looks like a few more weekday games this year. (TWO cricket-filled Monday games on the slate too ... )


artandhockey said...

Sure looks like a much 'gentler' travel schedule :-)

Chris Jerina said...

Looking forward to this season... checked out the schedule and (not counting @ Milwaukee) have the opportunity to shoot up to 9 Aeros road games this season.

At least your schedule doesn't have your team scheduled to play your local rival at 11 am on a Wednesday in January. (Stupid Wolves...)

artandhockey said...

AH, Chris, but we do play The Rampage at 11:05 AM on Thursday Dec 3!
It's the 'school performance'... bus loads of screaming kids.. no need for COWBELLS ;-0, those kids are even louder than the announcer and the loudspeakers LOL! Been there and actually enjoyed the enthusiastic noises LOL.

Chris Jerina said...

So apparently, I should actually look at the times of your home games :D :D

We had a "girl scout night" last year that went similar to that too... a constant squeel of girlish delight.

artandhockey said...

Can you blame them....lots to be delighted about our there on the ice ;-). Hope you'll post on your blog, too again!

AiH said...

I guess the AHL doesn't shut down for the Olympic Break. So are AHL players allowed to leave their active AHL team to play for their country in the Olympics?

I wonder if there will be an influx of NHLers sent down during the Olympic break.

Just four home games in January and they play Rockford four straight times in January.

Chris Jerina said...

Well, at this point, I will retract my comments about the bad timing of that "school" game as the Aeros play in Rockford that night, so I'll be able to enjoy 2 AHL games in the same day!

Ms. Conduct said...

Well, I got the sked all entered into my Outlook calendar. Color-coded and everything. :)

This is a darn fine schedule, IMO. Very few really tough turn-arounds. Only 8 3-in-3s (compared to 15 last season). A few rough patches that will put hair on some rookie chests, but we like the look of that anyway. And January is going to be pretty sparse for games, but other than that...

Certainly, the schedule will not be an extra opponent as it was last season.

Here's the breakdown of 3 in 3s in the west (in a quick run through... might be one off here or there). Of course this doesn't take into account any other schedule challenges:

Grand Rapids 12
Chicago 10
Toronto 9
Rockford 9
Aeros 8
Peoria 8
SA 7
Texas 7
Lake Erie 7
Manitoba 5
Milwaukee 5
Abbotsford 4
Hamilton 2

artandhockey said...

Did you chest? I hope for chins... LOL.

Forecheck said...

Well, no Thanksgiving games to miss because I'm out of town.

Good news on the three-in-threes. If they're so great, why doesn't the NHL play 'em?

Still wish they would lose the idea of playing at home on Good Friday.