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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So Long, Farewell, Nolan Schaefer

We knew this was happening, but the question was to where. And today we know.

Nolan Schaefer appears to have signed a contract with CSKA Moscow of the KHL. And here's an article in Swedish on the signing, followed with this Google translation. Here's a quote from his new coach: "I have received very good recommendations on Schaefer from North America and the last two seasons in Houston, he has very good statistics, says new coach Sergei Nemtjinov to Sport-Express."

Sergei, I can also give you a very good recommendation on Schaefer. He's not flashy. But he's solid. He's not going to make stupid mistakes. He's not going to panic. He's going to keep you in games. Hell, if you score a goal, he'll probably be able to win you a game.

With Doobie's signing in Minnesota, and Barry Brust and Anton Khudobin under contract and hoping to play here, it was pretty much a forgone conclusion that Schaefer was leaving the team. Still, I'm going to miss talking to him in the locker room -- the guy was always good with giving us a quote and good explanations for what happened in the game. I wish him luck in Russia.

So so long, farewell.


Fred Trask said...

Bravo to Nolan for a job well done last year, we wish you well and we'll miss you. Suck-minus for going to the KHL as we will not be able to see you.

Good luck Nolan, you serve a mean pancake!

FinnAir said...

Joining the Red Army. Brilliant. The KHL official pages are now also in English but not that great, so unless you read Russian this is a good source for all the latest signings: http://www.thekhl.net/

If they can keep up with the kind of offers that Hudler for example got, expect to see much more Europeans but also N-Americans going there. KHL also has expansion plans to West. Not sure where the teams get their money from though and I don't see this going on like this for too long. The number of spectators for most of teams are just not that great over there.

Fred Trask said...

And yet another translation from

Moscow (SITA) - the continental club hockey league (KHL) CSKA Moscow signed a contract for one year with the Canadian goalie Nolan Schaefer. Dvadsaťdeväťročného gólman draftovali in 2000 from the 166th place San Jose Sharks. The jersey "sharks" got a chance in the season 2005/06 and 7 matches in the NHL. Most career trapping AHL clubs Cleveland, Worcestri, Hershey, Wilkes-Barre/Scrantone and Houston. According to the coach "soldiers" Sergey Nemčinova should Schaefer join the team 10th August.

Fred Trask said...

And the translation from the Russian

CSKA signed one contract with the Canadian goalkeeper Nolanom Schaefer. 29-year-old goalkeeper at drafte-2000 was selected San Jose in the fifth round of the general 166 number, but for the "sharks" held only 7 matches in sezone-2005/06, and most of his career, played in the AHL, speaking for "Cleveland", "Uorchester", "Hershey", "Wilkes-Berry" and "Houston." In the latter club for two seasons Schaefer spent 91 game, allowing an average of 2.29 goals per game and discouraging more than 92 percent shooting. Recall that in sezone-2007/08 to CSKA has been the Canadian goalkeeper - Thomas Lawson, who has established itself well in the regular tournament, but chetvertfinalnoy series of play-off against the "Ak Bars" failed the first home match, which actually determined the outcome of the confrontation in Kazantsev favor. (Vladimir Yurin)

Sergei Nemchinov, head coach and general manager of HC CSKA:

- The interest of our club to Schaefer is not accidental. First, I recommend it from my sources in North America. Secondly, while Schaefer is a small, but the experience of performances in the NHL. In the last two seasons in Houston, "this goalkeeper was very good statistics, and throughout his career he has sufficiently high performance gaming. We have already filed the appropriate documents for registration Schaefer visa. Once it is received, the player will join our team. We expect that this will happen on 10 August.
04 August 2009

FinnAir said...

These google translations do not really work with any language that has inflections. As a linguist they are really starting to piss me off.
I can tell you that the original article in Russian does not mention much about Schaefer apart from "good statistics in Houston during the last two seasons". They still need to get a visa for Nolan and the 10th of August is the date when the CSKA manager was expecting to get this. Unless he has done some streaking in Houston he should be ok.

Fred Trask said...

While they may not be very good they are better than nothing for one who doesn't read the original language. It's obvious there are errors but I didn't want to change anything.

Anonymous said...

Mattias Weinhandl played with the Dynamo -KHL last year and it looks like he will be there this year as well. Must not be too bad of a deal !!
Looks like the KHL is looking to compete with the NHL one day.

FinnAir said...

Ok sure, just be very careful with them because google does not get most of the moods/declensions and other grammatical points. For example "John hit Peter" has of course totally different meaning from "Peter hit John" in English but languages with endings could still retain the same word order and mean either one of the two by adding an ending denoting a particular grammar case. I know some languages like German are quite strict when it comes to word order but for example with the Slavonic languages you could get your "who did the hitting" terribly wrong with these translations.

Ms. Conduct said...

Part of me think it's pretty cool he's going to CSKA, as much as I'd love for him to be able to stay in North America.

Mr. C actually has a couple of CSKA sweaters in the closet, so I'll think of Schaef fondly when he pulls those out. :)

Forecheck said...

KHL - he might be back in the states before we know it.

artandhockey said...

Yes, those so called translations are a hoot. One cannot simply translate word for word to get the best out of a foreign language.I should know, having done many from my native German to English and vice versa. So anyone needing help with German...feel free to ask.
So, will Lisa and the baby go with Nolan? Health coverage should be rather good over there. And from all I've read they do give many, many benefits gratis (apartment, car, bills paid, telephone, travel paid, etc.)
Wishing Nolan and family all the best.
And the apropriate word is JURI (as in Gargarin...;-) ha !

CatTrick said...

Another good man gone. I'll miss Nolan and wish him the very best.

Any word (or speculation) yet on where Jesse Schultz might be going?

And since no one made a "request" yet to go along with this news, how about "Nothing Ever Hurt Like You" by James Morrison??? Thanx.

Reeseman said...

The NY Times Slapshot blog follows the KHL, not in detail, but at least it's in English.