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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Preseason Schedule could be announced next week

With the addition of the Texas Stars to the West division this year, it will be interesting to see if the Aeros are able to add them to their preseason slate.

Since the Rampage arrived in 2002-03, the Aeros have played them twice (home and away) for the preseason (save for the lockout year when they did a four-game, two weekend slate).

The regular season schedule will be released tomorrow at 3, and the Aeros preseason schedule will/could be released next week.

If the Aeros play their preseason games at San Antonio and Cedar Park the last weekend of September, would you make the drive over there to see them? Would you be upset if the team does not play at least one home preseason game this year?

Some people want to see their team in action as early as possible, while others could care less about seeing a meaningless tune-up. What are your thoughts?


Ms. Conduct said...

Wouldn't travel for pre-season, but I'd be disappointed if they didn't play at home one game.

Forecheck said...

You should be able to have each team do a home and an away :


Austin at San Antonio


San Antonio at Sugarland (g)

Sunday :

Houston at Austin

Not that hard, even for the AHL.

CatTrick said...

I'm one of the people who wants to see the Aeros as early as possible. I probably wouldn't drive to SA or CP for preseason games but would absolutely be upset if they didn't play one at home.

artandhockey said...

At home..pretty sure...let them paly and show us their mettle and ;-)

Anonymous said...

I would so go - as long as it was during the weekend.