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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So, Just How Financially Stable Are The Dallas Stars?

So while researching some info for a mothership post for tomorrow, I came across something rather interesting, and something which I thought I might bring out over here for discussion purposes, if you guys don't mind.

Now I've written in the past that Tom Hicks and Hicks Sports Group are having some financial problems and that Hicks has decided to deliberately default on his debt. He has placed a majority interest in the Texas Rangers up for sale, and he has placed a minority interest in the Dallas Stars up for sale. Now we're being told that everything is a-ok with the Stars, and that the team has no financial problems and will make it through the season fine.

And that could be so, but...

It is now being reported in Dallas that Major League Baseball is effectively running the Texas Rangers, going so far as to step into negotiations between the team and a draft pick and withdrawing an offer that the team had made and substituting a substantially lower offer at the signing deadline because other MLB owners thought the offer was too high.

I'm not sure of what exactly this means for the Stars, but I've really got to question just how stable the Stars really are.

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Forecheck said...

Between a new coaching staff, losing Zubie and a couple of others, and financial worries, this could be a LONG season in the Big D.

Not that last year was one to savor.