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Monday, August 3, 2009

2009-10 Schedule should be out soon

Warning ... the following is only being posted to help with a rather slow news day.
Please lower your expectations immediately.

On July 22, the AHL wrote and said the schedule should be out the week of Aug. 3.
HEY ... That is this week! ... So those that plan their lives around 80 exciting games should get their fill of news in the coming days.

Someone wrote me and asked why the schedule wasn't already out.
Another e-mailer asked the earliest the schedule has ever been released.

I don't know the answer to either question, but I can give you the dates of the last six schedule release dates. Here they are as follows:

2008 - Aug. 7
2007 - Aug. 7
2006 - Aug. 2
2005 - Aug. 5
2004 - Aug. 10
2003 - July 31

This is as far back as I keep that information, but it is interesting to note how early they got it out in 2003 and how late it came out the next year.

Some people live and die for this date, and other hockey fans could care less.
Do you care when the AHL schedule is released? What is the first thing you look for when you get it?


CatTrick said...

I absolutely care when the schedule comes out ... the sooner the better. I have absolutely no idea why, except maybe just to look at my calendar with dates marked and know that on those days, I'll actually get to watch (or listen to) a real hockey game! Drop the puck already, PLEASE!!!

Johnny B said...

I thought I heard somewhere that it should be expected on Thursday the 6th, but whatevs.

Anywho, the real reason I came here: I'm a reader of the Short Shifts blog and a buddy of mine just got an internship with the Astros. We're headed down there to help move him in and catch Brewers vs Astros on Saturday then I'm flying home Sunday. Any good restaurants/bars that we should check out Friday and Saturday? Looking for casual places with edible food.

Thanks in advance!

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Casual places with edible food?
Well, you certainly are coming down to the right town for that.

I don't get out much, but you might want to decide what kind of food you want (mexican, seafood, american,british (yes, British) and let us know what part of town you will be staying on?

For example, suggestions would vary widely if you were staying by the airport vs. downtown ...

Josh said...

I am just hoping to get dates right. Like for instance I want The Aeros in Austin aka Cedar Park on October 23rd. The Reason is very Very Very Very Very Very Personal.

Ms. Conduct said...

What part of town is your friend moving to, Johnny? Might help narrow things down, too.

I don't much care when the schedule comes out. As long as there is a hockey season, that's all that matters.

The only thing that's bugging me about it this year is that I want to go to the Hip concert on Oct 24, but I want to make sure there's no Aeros game that night. Otherwise, I have a decision to make. Doh!

artandhockey said...

Indian, Moroccan, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Austrian, German.... so much food, so little time.
RE sked: hope it is soon, before we hit the high desert late August.
Meanwile, those olden goalie masks on msconducts twitter are simply inspiring :-0...and scary, truly.

Forecheck said...

I hope and pray for as few home games when I will be out of town as possible. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter....that usually shoots three games at least. Not to mention bidness trips and conferences.

Snikpip said...

I usually just skip straight to the funnies.

Johnny B said...

I believe he'll be in the downtown area

Jen said...

My ticket rep just told me the AHL schedule is supposed to be released next Thursday (8/13)