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Monday, August 24, 2009

How about Cheli's Chili at Toyota Center

Reports are coming out of Chicago, and the rest of the hockey world for that matter, that long-time and ancient blueliner Chris Chelios wants to play hockey this year and could sign an AHL contract with the Chicago Wolves in the near future.

Talk about sure-fire veteran presence there, something many AHL followers will note the Wolves surely missed in 08-09.

Cheli's time dwindled in Detroit last year, but he wasn't horrible.
My opinion is that if he's willing to do it to help some of Atlanta's young blueliners and he still gets to play the game he loves, then why the heck not.

Makes me wonder now if Darren McCarty is thinking about another run with Grand Rapids.


Forecheck said...

I thought Cheli was trying to break Gordie's record of oldest geez, er, uh, person to play in the NHL. I guess this would keep him skating, though.

FinnAir said...

I think it will be more like "KHL millions here we come"...St.Petersburg is a very very interesting place.