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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Twits and the Phoenix Coyotes

I don't know how many of you are still following the Phoenix Coyotes saga, but just when things appear to be settled or calmed down, something really stupid happens and things are once again thrown into turmoil. Like Phoenix's white night, Jerry Reinsdorf, pulling his bid off of the table and dropping his quest to save the Coyotes for Phoenix.

But don't worry. The NHL has found a new owner. The NHL. That's right. The NHL is making a bid to purchase the team from bankruptcy, and get this, its offer is for even less money than what Reinsdorf was offering up. And from I've read, the NHL's plan is to purchase the team and then sell it to whoever will offer up cash for it -- and the team doesn't even have to stay in Phoenix.

And coming up next week, the Judge is supposed to decide if he will allow Jim Balsillie to bid on the team, or whether the NHL's vote finding him "not qualified" to be an owner will keep him from bidding on the team.

I no longer have any idea of what is going to happen here. But I'm pretty sure, after everything that's happened, that the NHL is being run by this group of twits.


CatTrick said...

Something tells me there will be many more chapters in this messy tale (tail?) before the Coyotes get a new owner ...

Forecheck said...

{{that the NHL is being run by this group of twits.}}

Ah, yes - Bettman, twit of the year, though he has a lot of competition from Washington, DC.

It's actually somewhat logical that the NHL would offer to buy the Yotes for next to nothing, seeing as they think they own them anyway.

My money is still on the Blackberry guy.

Anonymous said...

Return hockey to where it was born, Canada. This whole thing sounds like a junior high popularity contest...