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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Justin Pogge lands in Anaheim; headed for San Antonio?

Justin Pogge, the talented goalie who has spent most of his pro career with the Toronto Marlies, has been traded to the Anaheim Ducks.

The story makes a good point that Anaheim already has Giguere and Hiller in net. So Pogge, now seemingly just a depth guy, could be AHL bound. Well, we all know what happened to the Chops, and San Antonio is already known to be the landing spot for several Ducks prospects in 2009-10.

If this guys ends up at the AT&T Center with Josh Tordjman, look out. That will be a very formidable tandem in net for the Silver and Black.

(UPDATE!) -- A quick look at the stats reveal that Pogge has never lost in regulation to the Aeros dating to the start of the 06-07 season. His first three starts against the boys were better than that last three, and the only time the Aeros beat him was in the shootout (at Toyota Center) just last year.

In 2006-07, he was 2-0-0 and allowed 4 goals on 62 shots (.935)
In 2007-08, he was 2-0-0 and allowed 4 goals on 65 shots (.938)
In 2008-09, he was 1-0-1 and allowed 6 goals on 44 shots (.864)

His best game was a 33-save shutout at Toronto on Feb. 10, 2008
His worst game was last Oct. 26 at Toronto when he allowed four Aeros goals on 23 shots.

I hope everyone finds this information useful.


AiH said...

Someone should check to be certain but I think this Pogge guy has just about shut the Aeros down every time they have played.

It sure would be nice if the AHL could find 30 stable farm teams for the NHL. I didn't enjoy watching the Aeros play a double stacked Manitoba team last season and I will probably not like watching a double stacked Rampage team play the Aeros 42 times this season.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

AiH ...

I will update the post with the information your requested. While the guy has been anything but a wall, he is 5-0-1 against the Aeros and has been the only Marlies goalie to start against the Aeros the last three seasons.

Forecheck said...

SA could be scaringly good this season!

Now, Andrew - get on the Patrick Kane arrest!

Ms. Conduct said...

Phoenix has 5 goalies under contract at the moment... As much as I'm VERY curious to see how Pogge does without the Toronto scrutiny bearing down on him, I have to wonder how they're going to manage finding a place for him in San Antonio.

Tordjman and Montoya are both capable of playing at a #1 level in the AHL and were respectable in their NHL showings.

FinnAir said...

About Patrick Kane --- maybe he is a saint after all?
The cab driver has few DWIs and no valid license:


Could have been the driver trying to rob Kane of that 20c...

artandhockey said...

So, maybe Fletcher knew that and that's why the Aeros are so stacked up on defense guys!
If the guys can't get past the 'Super Goalies', at least they may keep the other guys from scoring
;-) :-) ;-
Am not betting $0.20 on that, though!