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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

View from the Press Box - Aeros win OT thriller over Admirals

It is hard to believe there are just 10 games left in the regular season.

It is also difficult to fathom that the Aeros could still, possibly, not make the playoffs. No need to go down that negative road today when you've got great things to talk about like the season Patrick O'Sullivan is having in Houston. Forget all the collapse talk when you've got Robbie Earl snapping a month-long goal drought with back-to-back games winners in crucial home games.

I had a good feeling about the game Friday for the same reason I had a real bad feeling about the last time the Aeros played in Cedar Park. One team was due to win against the other. My old friend Rob Daum used to challenge my law of averages argument. "What IS that, really," he used to ask. I'd change the subject by telling him, "Well, you're team is only as good as the starting goalie for your next game." Considering he had Tony Quesada and Miro Kopriva manning the pipes ... well, let's just say that is the end of the conversation.

Seventy down and 10 to go ... and speaking of laws of averages; the last four two-game winning streaks have been stopped with a regulation loss. If you like patterns, you can say the Aeros lose Saturday. If you like the law of averages argument, it's a win hands down.

You can spin just about anything, any way.

But I digress ...

I asked Robbie if the Aeros just wanted it more, did they perhaps will themselves to a win. "Well the game went to OT, ...I think both teams really wanted this one," he said. And I think that speaks volumes. That is how it is going to be for the last 10 games. Every mistake, every goal for and against will be under the microscope. Just as Forecheck said in a comment, "Welcome to the playoffs! "

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B2Bomber said...

Watched the Rampage win in a SO over the Ads last night on AHL live. The Ads are one point ahead of us in the standings now.