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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aeros Officially In The Playoffs

Milwaukee defeated San Antonio 3-2 in the shootout tonight. That clinched a playoff spot for the Admirals. And with the Rampage loss, the Aeros are officially in the playoffs as well, so we're not all going to have to stress out during that long break between games next week. Now it's all about seeding and figuring out the opponent. The Aeros want the home ice advantage, so don't expect them to let up, though the Admirals have the edge on getting home ice in round two.


Forecheck said...

1. Hallelujah!!!!!

2. This would seem to be a "clinch" only if the cross-over is considered. Texas, Peoria,and Chicago can all finish with 95 or more points vs. our current 94. However, fourth through seventh in the North can do no better than 92.

3. The more I think about it, I would rather not play Texas in the first round, even at home. So maybe finishing fourth wouldn't be that bad.....

John Royal said...

@FC: Per the AHL, the Aeros are in the playoffs.

Chicago can finish with 95, or Peoria can finish with 95, but they can't both do it. They still have one game left against each other, so that will prevent one of them from getting the max number of points.

It should also be noted that Peoria ends with two games against SA, two against MIL, one against CHI, and one against TX while CHI finishes with two against the Aeros, one against SA, one against RFD, one against TX, and one against PEO.

Anonymous said...

It has to be a clinch because of the 5th place crossover.

It could wind up:

MIL 96+
TEX 95+
PEO or SAN 94
CHI 94
HOU 94

The first tie-breaker is wins excluding SO wins.

In that case it could be:
PEO or SAN 37 wins
CHI 36 wins
HOU 34 wins

In other words, Houston could stil wind up in 5th place in the West division. We would, however, still make the playoffs because only 3 teams in the North division can end up with more than 94 points.

ICEVET said...

Glen Gulutzan (Stars coach) said it best, during the pregame (March 22) interview with Joe O'Donnell:

"Every team will be scratching and clawing up to the last day".

Perhaps, the biggest hurdle remaining for the Aeros will be to AVOID bodily injury in its final game with revenge-driven OKC.....hopefully, Matt Kassian (now skating in practice with a yellow jersey) may be back to keep matters under control.

Go Aeros!!!

John Royal said...

I agree with you Icevet on Kassian. His absence was really noticeable over the weekend as OKC was targeting O'Sullivan and Earl.