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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aeros Hope The System Will Save Them

Here's my new mothership post on the Aeros. It's based on comments from Mike Yeo and Jarod Palmer on Friday night about how the Aeros are going to depend on their vets and Yeo's system to carry them through this injury patch.

I'm sure it's not negative enough, and I didn't attack management for not acquiring the AHL version of a young Wayne Gretzky, so feel free to comment away over there -- they always like seeing comments.

By the way, the Clear Day rosters are out. There are no real surprises on the Aeros roster, though it would have been nice to see Jeff Penner actually play a game in a Aeros uniform before putting him on the roster. And Casey Wellman, Warren Peters, and Jared Spurgeon are on the roster in case the Wild fail in their playoff attempt, or in the case of Wellman and/or Peters, Cal Clutterbuck ever recovers from his concussion upper-body injury.


Forecheck said...

Cal Clutterbuck ever recovers from his concussion upper-body injury

Ah, do you mean "flu-like symptoms"?

John Royal said...

Oops. You are correct FC. I should have said "flu-like symptoms."