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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Tolerance for Punkasses

As often as we have pork for the press meal, I was surprised to see roast beef (albeit quite tasty) on the menu. But the Aeros cooked up a big mess of IceHog tonight in their 8-1 win. Mmm, bacon tastes good (if you're sensitive to eff bombs, don't click that link).

Per usual in a lopsided game, it got nasty later on with Wade Brookbank basically headhunting and finding a victim in Robbie Earl, who told us that he knew it was coming. He was smiling and seemed fine though. A 7 point margin of victory will do that for a guy. Here's the score sheet if you want the laundry list of penalties Brookbank racked up with that.

Anyway, I asked Coach Yeo if the team owes Hackett a steak dinner after that lousy turnover that led to the Hogs lone (shorthanded unassisted) goal and ruined Hackett's shutout.

Yeo nodded, "and I do to. At that point, it's about sending a message," referring to the goonery and headhunting the IceHogs were up to, and his decision to just keep putting the top PP guys out to make them pay for it. "If you guys want to keep doing this, we're going to try and put another on the board, too."

"I don't appreciate that and I don't think that there's any place in the game for that stuff right there, in pro hockey," Yeo said. "You've got Brookbank going after Robbie and then every time one of them comes on the ice they're trying to fight somebody else."

"Get on with it. If you want to play hard and you want to try and hit somebody, that's fine. I've got no problem with that. I...." and at this point I just have to draw you a picture because, while I think he could have continued on a mighty rampage, he could see his PR guy starting to sweat. So he just shook his head and kept his mouth shut.
To be clear, he didn't actually say "No tolerance for punkasses"... that's me taking poetic license with what his overall point was.

Anyway, solid win for the boys who have a light day tomorrow before a tough 3 in 3.


Forecheck said...

Brookbank = Goon. Here’s to a couple of days off without pay for him. Haven’t seen a guy get an aggressor penalty in quite a while. That's reserved for the true goons of the game.

Klinkhammer (junior goon) – Why does he get only 2:00 for knocking a guy out of the game? Hope Jamie is back soon.

Loved seeing Yeosy going ballistic on the Rockford coach (speaking of people who need to be fined). I like that kind of fire in a coach.

On to the game, at times the guys were passing better than I had seen all this season. Only problems were that Marco got a little sloppy in front of Matt and almost gave Rockford a goal and then the powerplay got a little overly aggressive and did.

But when you put up a snowman you can tolerate that.

I don’t know what Yeo said after the game Sunday or maybe Monday after the trade, but I hope someone got the audio for future use. Where were these guys Sunday, anyway? I don’t know if it was a resolve to redeem themselves for Sunday or maybe they were just angry their friend was traded, or both, but I didn’t think I would see this kind of offense out of this team, ever. Now, fortunately, Marco has promised a seven goal win every night – at least that’s how I took his post-game comments ;) .

Anonymous said...

Two officials are better than one, particularly, when the Aeros play aggressive teams like the Hogs.

Perhaps, no one noticed that Wednesday's DUO included David Banfield, not kind to the Aeros in the past.....nevertheless, Ryan Hershey and Banfield did a much better job of monitoring the Hogs "greasy" maneuvers than did Nick Kresbach on Sunday.

I would like to think that the Chicago Blackhawks organization does not condone the level of unprofessional behavior exhibited by the "entire" Rockford team, last night, starting with their captain, Garnet Exelby.

Finally, it was surreal to watch the Aeros pot SIX (out of 8) PP goals, but even more enjoyable to see the Aeros keep their STICKS ON THE ICE through the entire game, scrambling the Hogs offense and dominating possession time.

Go Aeros!

Anonymous said...

I'm not taking anything away from our guys because they provided a barrel full of fun for the faithful few who turned out. But I would like your take on how the Hogs played prior to all the dirty stuff in the third period.

Also, how does one account for the mere 2-minute minor for that hit on Fraser, considering DiSalvatore's light hit Sunday warranted a 5-minute penalty?

Will appreciate your views. Thanks.

Ms. Conduct said...

I remember making the comment late in the second that I was seeing a LOT of chances (and goals) on an empty net. Which tells me Richards was overplaying the puck and getting himself way out of position too often. Now, maybe he was overcompensating because the play in front of him was so lousy? I dunno. But either way, I thought the Aeros took the momentum with the first goal and just kept it the rest of the game. I only remember thinking one time, very early in the game that maybe the Aeros were going to struggle against them again.

I didn't see the Fraser hit and I don't think Drew did either. I only knew about it from a comment on twitter. There were so many penalties (and honestly, even 5 on 5, it often looked like the Aeros were still on the PP), I could barely keep up THAT they were happening much less WHY they were happening.

artandhockey said...

As I recall, Klinkhammer hit Fraser and he went down, slow to get up, skated bent over and was escorted out by Jody Green-visit my blog for the photo shot while Fraser still down behind Aeros goal.