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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Letters from the Heart...

Dear Dane Byers,

What the hell is your problem with Houston, son? Every time you come in our barn, you act like a jackass. You need to get a grip on your shit and settle down. 

Last time you were here, you pounded Benoit Pouliot's face into the ice after punching his teeth out. To hear me talk while he was here, you'd might think I'd approve of that, but it made my stomach turn to watch you be so ragey and out of control.

At least you didn't actually hurt anyone (though whoever you sucker punched would probably like to argue that point) tonight. I hope the league gives you some time to think about the kind of player you want to be and whether jumping players out of frustration is really it.

Get outttt,


Dear Carson,

I like you. You remind me of Clutterbuck when he was here, minus the irritation factor. Flashes of a great shot, willingness to grind and battle and sacrifice. You're the kind of player whose efforts so often go unheralded that it's extra nice when you have a game like tonight where you do get the spotlight for a while.

One of the things I look for as an AHL, ahem, "specialist" is improvement year over year. If I don't see improvement from a guy's rookie season, I get worried. The guy isn't getting it. But you are getting it. I see tremendous growth in every aspect of your game this season. Offensively, certainly, but you also just seem more confident with and without the puck, take fewer penalties while not sacrificing grittiness, and one of the big things is that you're versatile. Throw you on any line and you'll get the job done (again, another Clutterbuckian quality).

Can't wait to see where next season takes you. 



Dear Hack,

I hate to talk to goalies who are playing well, so I'll keep this brief. Whatever it has done for you to be The Man in goal for this team (vs. competing with Khudobin, who appeared to have checked out about half the time) is a good thing. 

You look loose, like you're having fun, taking some chances and succeeding with them, like the air around you is lighter. It's really a joy to watch.

Now, forget I said anything and just keep doing whatever you're doing.

Pad taps,


Dear Cody Bass of the Binghamton Senators,

How YOU doin'? 



Dear Colton,

My feelings are best expressed in song:

I totally did not understand your contribution to this team until it no longer had it. I still don't quite understand it, but whatever it is, it's critical to this team's success.

Welcome back and be well,


artandhockey said...

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CatTrick said...

agree/like ...

Forecheck said...

Byers is a good fit for the Rampage, where for the most part you have to be at least a junior level goon to get on the team.

Word verification "dingma" as in "Beyers dingma head last night".

Anonymous said...

Don't forget team leaders and third class jerks, Yonkman, Kearns, and Holloweg. Especially Holloweg.